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Heat 19

Genre:  Historical Fiction

Subject:  A chess match



Top 5 Stories

#1 **FINALIST** 'The Great Cushman Rice' by David Lovett SYNOPSIS - After the death of Cushman Rice, one of the real-life inspirations for the fictional character of Jay Gatsby, Rice’s nephew relates his perspective on his uncle’s enigmatic and illustrious life, including his hostile and potentially deadly relationship with F. Scott Fitzgerald. (Heat 19)

#2 **FINALIST** 'The Soldier's Horse' by Lori Rice SYNOPSIS - In a small German town at the end of WWII, a small German boy finds a new toy and makes an unlikely friend. (Heat 19)

#3 'A Night at the Opera' by Lee Hallison SYNOPSIS - In 1858, two accomplished amateurs, a German Duke and a French aristocrat, challenged a visiting American chess master to a game in their box at the Opera. The result shocked the city! (Heat 19)

#4 'A Promising Young Man' by Emily Smith SYNOPSIS - After high school graduation, a boy moves from rural Indiana to New York City to follow the life he’s envisioned from reading beat writers. (Heat 19)

#5 'Desperado' by Jared Manteuffel SYNOPSIS - Two friends part of John Franklin’s doomed 1845 expedition to find the Northwest Passage sit aboard a lifeboat on the beach of King William Island. They play chess to determine who will eat whom so that one may go on to find the Inuit and trade for clean food; however, they are both dying of disease, starvation, lead poisoning, and hypothermia, all of which has affected their judgment. (Heat 19)


Heat Participants

Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
19 Arias Nicole Somerville MA USA
19 Aronson Evie New York NY USA
19 Cashman Neil San Francisco CA USA
19 Cross Jason Brooklyn NY USA
19 Eboch III Robert Moorestown NJ USA
19 Hallison Lee Seattle WA USA
19 Hopp Stacey Dara Austin Texas USA
19 Ingram Emily London London UK
19 Johnson Atalaya Brooklyn New York USA
19 Locklear Danielle Seattle WA USA
19 Lovett David Stillwater MN USA
19 Manteuffel Jared Amesbury MA USA
19 McDermott Maggie Old Lyme CT USA
19 McKay Mary Great Falls VA USA
19 Otis Jeffrey Ferndale MI USA
19 Petrine Janet Elmhurst IL USA
19 Rice Lori Portland OR USA
19 Smith Emily Alexandria VA USA
19 Tuke Timothy Farmington utah usa
19 Van Thuyne Jo Anna Broomall PA USA
19 Villanueva Lamas Gabriel Miami FL USA




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