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Heat 20

Genre:  Comedy

Subject:  A professional dog walker



Top 5 Stories

#1 **FINALIST** 'Rufus' by Geoffery Metz SYNOPSIS - Synopsis: Professional dog walker Francis Scott seeks therapy after an Affenpinscher dies while under his care. (Heat 20)

#2 **FINALIST** 'Lesser Dogs' by Jeff Cardello SYNOPSIS - Sam, a troubled dog walker finds something in a breed of animal that surprises him. (Heat 20)

#3 'The Making of The Roanoke All Pro Dog Masters' by William Martinez SYNOPSIS - A young boy writes an English report on his Grandpa Archie the greatest dog walker who ever lived. (Heat 20)

#4 'Unleash the Beast' by Jocelyn Rish SYNOPSIS - To keep Wedgie Reggie from tormenting him, Caleb bribes him with the money he earns walking dogs. But when Felix, the school geek, steals all of his customers, how far will Caleb go to protect his butt cheeks? (Heat 20)

#5 'Listening to Dogs' by Daniel Senyard SYNOPSIS - How will high school student Connor Buck keep his dog-walking business going after his crush scams one of his best customers? As he walks through the park in the rain, Connor recalls the previous day’s events and wonders whether this will be his last day as a professional dog walker. (Heat 20)

Heat Participants

Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
20 Alladina Safia Toronto ON Canada
20 Bullard Gary Arlington VA USA
20 Burhans Judith      
20 Cardello Jeff Scottsdale AZ USA
20 Connors Mari Walpole MA USA
20 Hrin Amy Vista California USA
20 Kingsley Pamela Conesus New  York USA
20 Lakusta Jeff Flower Mound Texas USA
20 Livingston Peter Federal Way WA USA
20 Lyles Dabney Chicago IL USA
20 Martinez William VALENCIA Ca USA
20 Metz Geoffery Brooklyn NY USA
20 Reece Jennifer Cambridge ON Canada
20 Rish Jocelyn Summerville SC USA
20 Robbins Lynne San Diego California USA
20 Romberger Honesta Harrisburg PA USA
20 Senyard Daniel Austin TX USA
20 Shade John Houston TX USA
20 Sher Melissa Portland OR USA
20 valice jim grosse pte mi USA
20 Zablud Jo New York NY USA





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