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Heat 21

Genre:  Fantasy

Subject:  A trophy collection



Top 5 Stories

#1 **FINALIST** 'Our Way of Life' by Garrett Andrew Hill SYNOPSIS - A feeble-bodied (and feeble-minded?) member of an imperialistic barbarian army is constantly assigned menial and thankless duties. Nevertheless, he strives to gain the respect of his fellow soldiers. He takes pride in his work, which in turn leads him to an encounter that will influence the fate of the entire tribe. (Heat 21)

#2 **FINALIST** 'Swimming with Gnomes' by Michael Kass SYNOPSIS - A young man dives into the ocean for a kiss, is dragged to the soggy depths by fiendish gnomes, and must outwit a small, fat king to avoid becoming a trophy in his grotesque collection. (Heat 21)

#3 'Pas de Deux' by Jessica Hatch SYNOPSIS - An institutionalized former ballerina believes that, if she dances long enough and hard enough, she can bring her brother back from the war. (Heat 21)

#4 'DreamSiders' by Richard South SYNOPSIS - A woman is distraught when her family is divided by the two worlds she inhabits. (Heat 21)

#5 'Silver Feather' by Micah Stanley SYNOPSIS - Even the best of villains has his reasons. (Heat 21)


Heat Participants

Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
21 Anthony Jennifer San Bruno CA USA
21 DiMieri Anthony Long Island City New York USA
21 Ferguson Bradley Toronto Ontario canada
21 Green Brian Salt Lake City Utah USA
21 Hatch Jessica Chester Virginia USA
21 Hill Garrett Andrew Seattle WA USA
21 Jada Nitha New York City NY USA
21 Jeffreys William London London UK
21 Just Destiny Loveland OH USA
21 Kass Michael Los Angeles CA USA
21 Lunsford John Silver Spring MD USA
21 Mackie Fiona Hawick Roxburghshire Scotland
21 McCarthy Stuart Norwich Norfolk UK
21 McGregor Arianna Vancouver BC Canada
21 Nelson Kurt Chicago Illinois USA
21 Prezenkowski Jeff Pasadena CA USA
21 Quinn Lawrence York South Carolina USA
21 Simpkins Tisha Pitt Meadows BC Canada
21 South Richard London London UK
21 Spencer Edith Beaverton Oregon USA
21 Stanley Micah Trimont MN USA
21 Zimmerman Daniel Somerset NJ USA





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