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Heat 22

Genre:  Fairy tale

Subject:  An entrepreneur



Top 5 Stories

#1 **FINALIST** 'Wish Upon a Star' by Jill Raftery SYNOPSIS - Unsatisfied with spending the rest of her days living for others, Ella, daughter of the Fairy Godmother, uses her inherited powers for profit when she opens ‘Wish Upon a Star, Inc.’ so that she can make enough money to make her own dreams come true. As she’s paid to grant wishes for both the needy and the selfless alike, the young fairy learns the difference between merely giving people what they want, and helping people find the happily ever after they need (Heat 22)

#2 **FINALIST** 'The Princess and the Carpenter' by Matt Spivey SYNOPSIS - A queen’s effort to arrange her daughter’s marriage intertwines with a young carpenter’s pursuit of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Only a magical gift can reveal the true expression of ill-fated love. (Heat 22)

#3 'The Slick' by Helen Whitehead SYNOPSIS - Billy was cursed while he was still in the womb. His daddy warned him about the city but the promise of money takes him there. (Heat 22)

#4 'Italian Leather Loafers' by Valerie Gutierrez SYNOPSIS - An adult fairytale about a greedy entrepreneur who sells coffee beans who decides to commit suicide which leads him to encounter a magical place where he is placed in someone else’s shoes. (Heat 22)

#5 'The Silver Box' by Benjamin Maerzke SYNOPSIS - The story of a young, adventurous entrepreneur, and how his misguided endeavors restored hope to a sunless kingdom. (Heat 22)

Heat Participants

Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
22 Buchanan Susan New York NY USA
22 Fleischer Jan Barcelona Barcelona Spain
22 Gist Rah Topeka KS USA
22 Grice Lanita Seattle WA USA
22 Gutierrez Valerie Coral Gables Florida USA
22 Haston Adrienne goodlettsville tn usa
22 Hebburn Joshua Torrance California USA
22 Krause Rebecca Mesa AZ USA
22 Lieber Matt Denver CO USA
22 Maerzke Ben Severn Maryland USA
22 Minnis Collin Zanesville OH USA
22 ODell Richard Phoenix Arizona USA
22 Ohl Nate Ridgewood New Jersey USA
22 Purdon Beth Stouffville ON Canada
22 Raftery Jill Atlantic Beach New York USA
22 Riquelme Theodore Chicago Illinois USA
22 Spivey Matt Scottsdale AZ USA
22 von Ancken Morgan New York NY USA
22 Wade Houston Bainbridge Island WA USA
22 Walker Logan Sherman Oaks CA USA
22 Whitehead Helen Vancouver BC Canada
22 Wooding Natalie Birmingham West Midlands UK





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