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Heat 24

Genre:  Horror

Subject:  Energy drinks



Top 5 Stories

#1 **FINALIST** 'Out-of-Towner' by Scott Strybos SYNOPSIS - George is led to the town of Putnam in search of a fabled energy drink that may have unusual properties. (Heat 24)

#2 **FINALIST** 'RazorX' by Kelly Wilson SYNOPSIS - After a drug bust turns deadly, a narcotics officer gets a taste of evil in a seductive new drink that can make a monster out of even him. Will it drive him to destroy everything for just one more sip, or will he find a way to escape from his deadly thirst? (Heat 24)

#3 'Acid Reflux' by Rachael Dunlop SYNOPSIS - When an artist finds herself and her child in danger from her abusive husband, she uses the only resources she has to escape him. But she underestimates the capacity of evil to endure, and the power of art to capture the essence of life. (Heat 24)

#4 'Wasted Life' by Richard Errington SYNOPSIS - A man who made a deal with a corporation that involved him drinking futuristic energy drinks and leaving his body to them ends up being too good to be true... (Heat 24)

#5 'The Simple Solution' by Heather Justason SYNOPSIS - Yvette was a world weary flight attendant desperate for energy. She found it in a bottle, an energy drink sold by television order. Drinkingit without thought, now all she craved, and would ever crave was sleep. (Heat 24)

Heat Participants

Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
24 Carrasco Luis Chattanooga Tennessee USA
24 Dunlop Rachael London London UK
24 Errington Richard      
24 Flores Melinda Brooklyn NY USA
24 Galloway Lois      
24 Gelinas John Redding CT USA
24 Green DeVon Atlanta GA USA
24 Howey Ross Toronto ON Canada
24 Jones Leah Lockhart Texas USA
24 Jury Nick Scranton pa USA
24 Justason Heather Toronto ON Canada
24 Lee Suh-Jung Julia San Francisco CA USA
24 Lee Ann Kane Griffith IN USA
24 Mattison Corri Chicago Illinois USA
24 Mickey Lisa Elgin IL USA
24 Phelps Claire Austin TX USA
24 skibicki matthew east oakleigh vic australia
24 strowbridge mat      
24 Strybos Scott Toronto Ontario Canada
24 Vogel Joshua Commerce City CO USA
24 Wilson Kelly New York NY USA




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