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Heat 26

Genre:  Sci-Fi

Subject:  A day care center



Top 5 Stories

#1 **FINALIST** 'The Precarious Pause' by Tabitha Kenlon SYNOPSIS - Just before the planet takes its nightly rest from spinning, the owner of a pet day care center is visited by a mysterious lovesick alien whose presence soon clouds the distinction between siren and victim. (Heat 26)

#2 **FINALIST** 'Eggs' by Erin Thomas SYNOPSIS - Maybe this moment was like the tubes themselves—until they grew, or didn’t, they were maybe-lifes. And until I saw the shattered tubes, the deaths were only maybes, too. (Heat 26)

#3 'USE IT' by Edward Eaton SYNOPSIS - A government-sanctioned news program investigates a privately run Child Care Center in 2141 – a Center that is dedicated to making the children useful to society. (Heat 26)

#4 'Paranormal Baby' by Meredith Bush SYNOPSIS - On a normal day in Valerie’s life the abnormal happens. Valerie is poisoned by the bite of a child at her job and is thrust into a world she was destined to be a part of. (Heat 26)

#5 'Forgetting the City' by Georgia Stasinopoulos SYNOPSIS - Sarah Cathing is forgetful about school, family, homework – everything except for the little she knows about Earth. But as she learns about her own planet’s baffling and complicated history, she realizes that what she knows and what she remembers may not be equally true. (Heat 26)


Heat Participants

Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
26 Basham Camilla san francisco ca usa
26 Bromley Kyleen Paradise CA USA
26 Brown Ricky Quincy MA usa
26 Bush Meredith Webster Groves Missouri USA
26 Clarfeld Mary      
26 Eaton Edward Muscat Muscat Governature Oman
26 Foerster Brett Garden grove CA USA
26 Grasso Carl J Holbrook NY USA
26 Hall Amy Orland Hills IL USA
26 Kenlon Tabitha Boston MA USA
26 Khalsa Mukhya Juneau Alaska USA
26 Kovatcheva Anna Charlottesville VA USA
26 Meza Rose Escondido CA USA
26 Michelotti Marian Hawthorne NY USA
26 Portalla Dominic Revere MA USA
26 Riskowski Ryan Austin TX USA
26 Smith C. Brian Los Angeles California USA
26 Smith Joel Tucson AZ USA
26 Stasinopoulos Georgia Staten Island NY USA
26 Stockman Andy Vancouver BC Canada
26 Thomas Erin Whitby Ontario Canada
26 Tsuei Judy Del Mar CA USA





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