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Heat 27

Genre:  Sci-Fi

Subject:  A real estate agent



Top 5 Stories

#1 **FINALIST** 'A Better Life' by Meghan Belanger SYNOPSIS - Buying your first house is part of the American Dream. For Caleb it was also the key to a better life. (Heat 27)

#2 **FINALIST** 'Eleven Dollar Bills' by Alex Koplow SYNOPSIS - Ari is an Industry man, a member of a group of men who are nearing the end of a long experiment that allowed chosen employees of various fields to remain experts at their jobs for many generations, despite suffering through major side effects like spontaneous bleeding, decrepit bodies, and a second voice that they cannot control. Ari has been a failing real-estate agent for more than eighty years, knows that he hates it, cannot escape it, but is paralyzed by the fear of what will happen when he does. (Heat 27)

#3 'Incision.' by Joey Lee SYNOPSIS - A cockroach must reconcile an accidental dual homicide in a post-apocalyptic tale of parasitic property appraisal. (Heat 27)

#4 'Curb Appeal' by Mark Maynard SYNOPSIS - Kerrie Dibbs is anxious. As a new real estate agent, it is finally her chance to show her first listing for Century 23, her new firm. Will the time travel portal she shows a young, newly wed couple impress them and launch her career or will they be transported to one of the most infamous nights in 20th century history to bear witness to the start of a tragic genocide? (Heat 27)

#5 'Bleeding-Edge' by Jamie Campbell SYNOPSIS - In a grim future, double-dealing finally catches up to a swindling brain modification salesman, who discovers to his horror that his hubris has bought him more than he bargained for. (Heat 27)

Heat Participants

Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
27 Belanger Meghan Windsor CA USA
27 bicknell jesse Worcester MA USA
27 Bouyea Cecilee Toronto Ontario Canada
27 Campbell Jamie Valley Village CA USA
27 Damore Nicholas Wilmington NC USA
27 Eliason Andrew Provo Utah USA
27 Famutimi Elinor Brooklyn NY USA
27 Fletcher Duncan Surrey British Columbia Canada
27 Gonsalves Sarah San Francisco CA USA
27 JOHN JOANNA atlanta ga usa
27 Kelly Sharon Lake Forest CA USA
27 Koplow Alexander McLean Virginia USA
27 Lahue Stephanie Wilmington NC USA
27 Lee Joey St. Paul MN USA
27 Martin Lynch Zuzelin      
27 Maynard Mark Reno NV USA
27 Mozee Galadriel Portland OR USA
27 Odell Courtney Alexandria LA USA
27 Schellenberg Arthur Brooklyn NY USA
27 Varney Paige Washington DC USA
27 Vazirani Anuradha Austin Texas USA




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