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Heat 29

Genre:  Comedy

Subject:  Culinary school



Top 5 Stories

#1 **FINALIST** 'The Hundred-Day Soup' by Joshua Kelley SYNOPSIS - Ernesto Inocencio Del Toro, director of the secretive and prestigious Del Toro Institute of Culinary Arts, having fallen on hard financial times, invites celebrity chef Geoff Bell in an effort to drum up publicity -- only to discover that Bell aims to steal the institute’s most famous recipe, a volatile yet delicious dish called the Hundred-Day Soup. Bell secures the recipe, but ignores warnings not to tamper with the ingredients, a mistake which soon leads to his on-camera demise. (Heat 29)

#2 **FINALIST** 'How To Ask Someone Out' by Joanna Arnow SYNOPSIS - Sylvie signs up for a cooking class so that she can meet people. (Heat 29)

#3 'A Hell of a Test' by Jessica Hewlett SYNOPSIS - A chance encounter with a gypsy sends a young demon, who has a mischievous tail, to culinary school. The final test makes her realize that the gypsy's advice wasn't as good as initially thought. (Heat 29)

#4 'The Valentine's Day Run' by Rob Maxwell SYNOPSIS - Doug is frustrated that his brother Will is slipping way since Will is getting married and now doing sophisticated things like taking cooking classes. Doug tries to help his brother get out of a cooking-related emergency. It goes disastrously wrong, it but helps them reconcile their differences in the end. (Heat 29)

#5 'Holistic Fun' by Benjamin DeBord SYNOPSIS - Elitist culinary student Brayden Schweitzer’s world takes a turn for the worst when he is informed of an additional requirement to finishing his culinary degree. He must work 120 hours as a server in his internship restaurant.  (Heat 29)


Heat Participants

Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
29 Allison Gary      
29 Alonzo Emily Goodyear AZ USA
29 Arnow Joanna Brooklyn NY USA
29 Briggson Samuel Phoenixville PA USA
29 Calderon-Guthe Lea Middlebury VT USA
29 Cassorla Hadas beaverton or usa
29 Colfer Katie Palatine IL USA
29 Dailing Jason El Cajon CA USA
29 DeBord Benjamin Saltville VA USA
29 Gomez Carlos Littleton CO USA
29 Harvey David Bloomington Minnesota USA
29 Hewlett Jessica Kamloops BC Canada
29 Kelley Joshua Portland OR USA
29 MacLean Kevin Encino CA USA
29 Myers David Kew VIC Australia
29 Orens Jeff Sewell NJ USA
29 Patty Guttu Vero Beach Fl USA
29 Polino Michael Chicago IL USA
29 Rob Maxwell Toronto ON Canada
29 Rutherford Fred Chong Brooklyn New York USA
29 Simpson Michael London London UK




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