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Heat 5

Genre:  Comedy

Subject:  A gang



Top 5 Stories

#1 **FINALIST** 'The Red and Blue Jacket' by Carolyn Crowell SYNOPSIS - George Gundersen, a Norwegian accountant, decides to join a gang. First, he must decide which gang he will join and then he must find a gang member in small town America. George does all of this to regain the admiration of his wife, Mary after she makes an unfortunate comment (Heat 5)

#2 **FINALIST** 'Trouble In Ward G' by kennedy ross SYNOPSIS - A group of geriatrics fed up with the system, decide form form a gang to take kick ass and chew bubble gum. Although they can't really chew gum because it's gets stuck in their dentures. (Heat 5)

#3 'Cochran's Navy Skirt' by thomas Mcauley SYNOPSIS - “Cock” Cochran is a 17th century ne’er-do-well with who enjoys a certain endowment. It’s caused him plenty of trouble in the past, but when the Press Gang comes to town to force him into service in the Navy, its past deeds turn out to be beneficial. (Heat 5)

#4 'My New Colleague is an Ancient Samurai Warrior' by Charles Cohen SYNOPSIS - A new colleague turns out to be an ancient samurai warrior. (Heat 5)

#5 'Two's Company, Three's a Gang' by Adrienne Starkey SYNOPSIS - What is a gang, really? In this tale of aspiration and daring, two companions find that the answer is fraught with peril, drama, and Wild West trash talking. (Heat 5)

Heat Participants

Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
5 Bradley Andrew Dedham MA USA
5 Campbell Joseph Austin Texas USA
5 Cohen Charles New York NY USA
5 Crowell Carolyn Alameda CA USA
5 Marks Roger Tempe AZ USA
5 mcauley thomas san antonio TX USA
5 McGowan Patrick Chester Springs PA USA
5 Mirza Roisin London London UK
5 Mueller Karen Converse TX USA
5 Parker Qiana Williamsburg Virginia USA
5 Reynolds Dave Calgary Alberta Canada
5 Richard Derek Sterlinb VA USA
5 Romain Tony Los Angeles CA USA
5 ross kennedy brooklyn NY USA
5 Sorrel Abi Latham NY USA
5 Starkey Adrienne West Sacramento CA USA
5 Street Paul Seattle WA USA
5 Thompson Virginia Niangua MO USA
5 Trice Michael Leeds West Yorkshire UK
5 True Mark North Andover MA USA
5 Van Valer kim franklin IN USA
5 Wilson Alex Little Rock Arkansas USA






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