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Heat 6

Genre:  Action/Adventure

Subject:  Underground



Top 5 Stories

#1 **FINALIST** 'The Namazu Line' by Tyler Hayden SYNOPSIS - After the loss of her parents in the Hanshin quake, Kimi searches for a mysterious doorway beneath the subway. (Heat 6)

#2 **FINALIST** 'Squeezed In' by ruston head SYNOPSIS - An injured American foot soldier finds himself captive in a German pillbox during the frigid winter of the Battle of the Bulge. His only hope of survival lies in the hands of the enemy. (Heat 6)

#3 'Twas Brillig, and the Slithy Toves' by Dan Bischoff SYNOPSIS - When a mine collapses, an experienced miner risks everything to save the life of a younger colleague. But before they reach safety, they soon discover something more sinister than the typical dangers of a disintegrating mine. (Heat 6)

#4 'At The Break Of Day' by Dan Schuld SYNOPSIS - “In the blink of an eye Colton Wiley is transformed, from a man traveling across the state of Missouri to see his dying father, to an animal being hunted, a fugitive on the run from the law. As he is driven underground – literally – he comes to the realization that, it is better to die free, and on your own terms, than to wither away at the hands of an unjust and blind persecutor.” (Heat 6)

#5 'Marcie's Bag' by Heather Hibbs SYNOPSIS - A remarkable girl seeks adventure and mystery in a forgotten subway beneath the city. (Heat 6)


Heat Participants

Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
6 Bischoff Dan Lehi Utah USA
6 Castiglione Brian Folcroft PA USA
6 Fraser Trevor Orlando FL USA
6 Hayden Tyler El Segundo CA USA
6 head ruston tampa florida usa
6 Hibbs Heather Fairfax VA USA
6 Kearley Kreg Spring Valley CA USA
6 Lash Kurt San Diego CA USA
6 Lockie Martha Los angeles CA USA
6 Marilou Blundell Abbotsford BC Canada
6 McKay Vanessa Parmelia West Australia Australia
6 McNamara Mike Chicago IL USA
6 Morsi Reem Vancouver BC Canada
6 Rojas Vilma Pearland Texas USA
6 Rosdahl Lyle San Antonio TX USA
6 Schuld Dan Chicago IL USA
6 Siboni Marguerite Cambridge MA USA
6 Simmons JoYCE Los Angeles California USA
6 smith heidi carlsbad CA usA
6 Tran Kevin Scottsdale AZ USA
6 Turon Jason Summit NJ USA
6 Willingham Patti Austin TX USA






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