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Heat 7

Genre:  Romantic Comedy

Subject:  A long distance relationship



Top 5 Stories

#1 **FINALIST** 'Trust Issues' by William Dock SYNOPSIS - A chance encounter on an airplane leads to the beginnings of a relationship. Will it survive the turbulence created by an unexpected conversation with a four year-old daughter? (Heat 7)

#2 **FINALIST** 'Twenty-Three-Thousand Eight-Hundred Forty-Seven Pawns and a Casket' by Victoria LaCorte SYNOPSIS - Albie whittles and Doris cleans house. (Heat 7)

#3 'Her Way and the Highway' by Jacqueline Brown SYNOPSIS - Driving cross country, determined to win back the love of his life, a recovering commitment phobe's run-down car becomes a classroom in the school of love. (Heat 7)

#4 'A Long Distance Affair of the Mind' by Judy Hampson SYNOPSIS - Judy got a message that turned her whole life upside down. Someone she hadnít seen for forty years wanted her to complete a task that would make both of them re-evaluate every corner of their lives and bring them together as soul mates, though there could be no happy ending. (Heat 7)

#5 'Study Buddies' by Shane Tilston SYNOPSIS - When Andrew bumps in to Meredith just before finals, is he more than just the perfect study buddy? (Heat 7)


Heat Participants

Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
7 Berezin Lily Belle Lexington MA USA
7 Bovee Andrea Huntington Station NY USA
7 Brown Jacqueline New York New York City USA
7 Buck Jacklyn Atlanta GA USA
7 Capatides Christina Washington DC USA
7 Clune Kim East Nassau New York USA
7 Dock William Seattle Wa USA
7 Eisenberg Emma New York NY USA
7 Hampson Judy Boonton Township NJ USA
7 Hornbrook Lee San Diego CA USA
7 LaCorte Victoria Derry NH USA
7 laroia ajit      
7 Merrow Scott Albuquerque NM USA
7 Monaco Emily New York NY USA
7 Plunkett Drake Diamond Bar California USA
7 Pollinger Henry Amenia NY USA
7 Rankin Susanne Seattle WA USA
7 Rice Joe Brooklyn NY USA
7 Sobat Stephen Holiday Fl USA
7 Symes Kate Chevy Chase MD USA
7 Tilston Shane Brooklyn NY USA
7 Wyndham-Price Alaya Lake Oswego OR USA




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