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Heat 8

Genre:  Drama

Subject:  A cruise ship



Top 5 Stories

#1 **FINALIST** 'The Passageway' by Anderson Susan SYNOPSIS - When the Seattle Port Authority announces the lease of Pier 91 to a fleet of Alaskan cruise ships, Andrei must confront a tragic moment from his past in native Ketchikan 35 years ago. (Heat 8)

#2 **FINALIST** 'A Vacation To Remember' by Joe Kaufman SYNOPSIS - Marriage is like a ship, bobbing and swaying to stay above water as it goes with the flow. And the more it has weighing on it, the more lies below the surface. (Heat 8)

#3 'Vacation Eternal' by Mike Hanson SYNOPSIS - In which a Captain completely ignores the prospect of yet another scheduled Mediterranean cruise, to the dismay of many passengers, and a sane man gains a new lease on life from an insane man. (Heat 8)

#4 'Life, Limbo' by James Mulcahy SYNOPSIS - After their homes are washed away, displaced hurricane survivors find temporary shelter on a government chartered cruise ship. The staff, used to a more overweight and fun loving clientele, struggles to provide comfort. (Heat 8)

#5 'The Gulf of Aden' by Candace Coulombe SYNOPSIS - A luxury vessel is attacked by pirates to the mild inconvenience of its passengers. (Heat 8)

Heat Participants

Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
8 Anderson Jillian Austin TX USA
8 Anderson Susan Seattle WA USA
8 Badger Dora Detroit MI USA
8 Cieslak Kristin Ardmore PA USA
8 Cooper Victoria Denver CO USA
8 Coulombe Candce Leigh Sacramento CA USA
8 Dais Jack Denver CO USA
8 Demings Kiyoko Kennesaw Georgia USA
8 DeVault Gigi Velburg Bayern Germany
8 Finnegan Ashley Cold Lake AB Canada
8 Fox Ryan Wake Forest NC USA
8 Hanson Mike Des Moines Washington USA
8 Helbig Lillian      
8 Hines Chad Iowa City IA USA
8 Johnston Mark Tacoma WA USA
8 Kaufman Joe Monona WI USA
8 Moshiree Nassim Arlington VA USA
8 Mulcahy James New York NY USA
8 O'Neill Zack Columbia SC USA
8 O'Rourke Kirsten London London UK
8 Ramalho Marina Coquitlam BC Canada
8 Sparks Amy South Haven MN USA





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