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Group 1


Challenge #3 Assignment

Genre:  Drama

Location:  A school dance

Object:  A tent


Top 5 Screenplays

Congratulations to the writers below that advance to the finals kicking off at 11:59PM EST on Friday, January 28th, 2011!


#1 'Dance For Her' by Jeff Bayer LOGLINE - Shortly after Katrina hits New Orleans, a girl has lost her grip on reality and her boyfriendís family tries to help.

#2 'All That Could Have Been' by Matthew Layden LOGLINE - Joel ignore his brother who wants to hang out with him, instead he chooses to go to a school dance with a popular girl.

#3 'Playing House' by Rachel Evans LOGLINE - After the sudden death of their parents, Marina and Simon try to feel normal again by attending a high school dance.

#4 'Port-Au Princess' by Eric Borden LOGLINE - On the day of the school dance, a young Haitian girl finds herself without a dress. But her Mother intends to turn disaster into divinity.

#5 'What They Want To See' by Jonathan Wolf LOGLINE - A misfit middle-schooler faces his fears with the help of his imaginary friends at the school's worst event: the Seventh Grade Dance.

Group Participants

2nd Round Group Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
1 Bayer Jeff Portland OR US
1 Bischot Paul Brooklyn NY US
1 Borden Eric Las Vegas NV US
1 Brisby KL San Diego CA US
1 Condon Robin North Charleston SC US
1 Croney Michael Denver CO US
1 Dunlop Rachael London London GB
1 Evans Rachel Stanwood WA US
1 Ganong Matthew York PA US
1 Gilley Philip Santa Barbara CA US
1 Granahan Mim New Rochelle NY US
1 Hayden Tyler El Segundo CA US
1 Jada Nivedita New York City NY US
1 Khorami Minhdzuy Ann Arbor MI US
1 Layden Matthew Hamilton Ontario CA
1 Lynagh Andrew New York NY US
1 Marziano Monica Miramar FL US
1 Mooney Marc Dublin Dublin IE
1 Stephens Mischa Portola Valley CA US
1 Wolf Jonathan West Chicago IL US



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