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Group 5


Challenge #3 Assignment

Genre:  Romance

Location:  A rescue helicopter

Object:  Caviar


Top 5 Screenplays

Congratulations to the writers below that advance to the finals kicking off at 11:59PM EST on Friday, January 28th, 2011!


#1 'Caviar Girl' by Jane Schnitter LOGLINE - When Allison goes back to the mountain cabin, empty caviar tin in her hand, memories, good and bad, come rushing back.

#2 'The Great Caviar Flood' by Gabriel Villanueva Lamas LOGLINE - When the small town of Rose Hill City is drowned by a flood of bizarre proportions, one rescue helicopter is there to catch all the action.

#3 'Going Home' by Nancy Johnston LOGLINE - Military doctors Howard and Maggie's lives are forever changed on the last day of their active service.

#4 'The Head And The Heart' by Karl Archer LOGLINE - On his way to some R&R in Seoul, an Army pilot has to make an unexpected rescue of the woman he loves when he learns that her M.A.S.H. unit has been hit by enemy fire.

#5 '10-4' by Austin Locklear LOGLINE - Two urban kids escape the city in search of adventure, and find love along the way.


Group Participants

2nd Round Group Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
5 Archer Karl Bellevue WA US
5 Baig Daniel Del Mar CA US
5 Creque Stuart Moraga CA US
5 erha kyle new hartford CT US
5 Hirsch Will Chandler AZ US
5 Johnston Nancy Bloomfield Hills MI US
5 Kaindl Philipp Vienna   AT
5 Locklear Austin  Seattle WA US
5 Molohan Kevin Sacramento CA US
5 Notaro Marylou SUN LAKES AZ US
5 Pell Stephen  Grand Rapids MI US
5 Perez David Oxnard CA US
5 Quinn Elizabeth New York NY US
5 Romeo Zachary Seattle WA US
5 Schneider Daniel Boston  MA US
5 Schnitter Jane Westerville OH US
5 Tapley Ethan Temecula CA US
5 Tilston Shane Brooklyn NY US
5 Villanueva Lamas Gabriel Miami FL US
5 Yi Austin Bakersfield CA US



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