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Q.  Can we provide previously made screenplays for the 1st Round entries?

A.  No.  All screenplays must be created during the competition and must be based on the genre and subject provided.


Q.  Can I see an example of proper screenplay format?

A.  Check out this link for an explanation and examples of proper screenplay format.  Please keep in mind that the title page used in these examples is different than the title page required for the Screenwriter's Challenge.  In the Screenwriter's Challenge, the only information on your title page should be the title and logline.  The author's name should not appear anywhere in the screenplay, including the title page.


Q.  Can teams of writers (more than 1) work on the screenplays?

A.  Yes.  You may list additional writers on the registration form, but please note that ONLY the writer who registers will be eligible for the prizes.


Q.  Who owns the rights to the screenplays created during the competition?

A.  You, the writer.  NYC Midnight reserves the right to publish the logline and e-mail address of any writer that enters the competition for publicity purposes, but that's it.


Q.  What kind of feedback will we get for our screenplays?

A.  Every registered writer has a great chance to receive feedback.


JUDGES COMMENTS / CRITIQUES: We will be providing judges comments and critiques for every entered screenplay in each round of the competition.


PEER REVIEW: During the judging, we will set up a special Review Forum for the participants to submit their stories for review from fellow writers.  During the 2008 screenwriting competitions, there were over 3,000 comments made on the 250+ screenplays submitted on the forum.


Q.  What are the acceptable formats for the 1st Round screenplays?

A.  The only acceptable formats are .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) or .doc (Word Document).  We are no longer accepting hard copies of the scripts.


Q.  What is a logline?

A.  A logline is a 1-2 sentence synopsis of your story.  It should be simple, yet very enticing (the main goal is to make the reader excited to read your screenplay).


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