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Final Round / Tweet Me A Story Contest #1 /  "Tear" (ASSIGNED WORD)


1st Place -   "Aren't you skydiving?" "Yup." "You're calling from midair? That's sweet!" "I love you..." he said, watching the tear in the fabric spread. CREATED BY Chris Bridges


2nd Place -   The air was bitter cold. A frozen tear fell from my cheek, crushing a small school. I thought to myself, "Keep it together, Godzilla." CREATED BY Brian Joines


3rd Place -   About at the instruction to "tear up your CANDY wrappers and BURY them!" I began to suspect that this was a pretty sub-par ninja academy. CREATED BY David Malki !


4th Place -   She shed a tear. Licked its saltiness. Then looked in the mirror. Then she Googled "calories in one salty tear." CREATED BY Frank Ferri


5th Place -   Loyal to the end, Spot realized what was about to happen. A tear formed in his eye just in time to reflect the shovel flying towards him. CREATED BY Dalton Paper



Judges' Picks

Final Round / Tweet Me A Story Contest #1 /  "Tear" (ASSIGNED WORD)


1st Place -   The old man scoffed and told me to tear up my “stupid” time travel machine plans, so I did. Too bad I didn’t recognize the old man as me. CREATED BY Brent Vaughn


TOP 10 -   "I want to like you, but I don't," she said, a tear streaking her makeup. He removed her arms, placed them in the box, and mailed her back. CREATED BY Motke Dapp


TOP 10 -   "We're the only 2 humans left!" she wailed. "You could at least shed a tear!" But he simply blinked. One whirring, clicking, terrible blink. CREATED BY Katherine Boboris


TOP 10 -   5 years after the halted divorce, Peter watches his son tear into his birthday presents. It scares him how much he still wants out. CREATED BY Vanelis Rodriguez


TOP 10 -   A lone VHS tape sat on a shelf, neglected and dusty. It looked at the DVDs, then decided to tear its own magnetic tape out and end it all. CREATED BY Frank Ferri


TOP 10 -   His trowel draws her face in the mortar. A tear on the tile. Mosaics geometric, arabesque & floral hide 1,000 loving portraits in his city. CREATED BY Candace Coulombe


TOP 10 -   I should tear it up, she thinks. Too late. Enters jealous husband. Sees photo. Dead woman. Dead lover. Dead husband. Messy. CREATED BY Mee Vang


TOP 10 -   My tear falls into the ocean, becomes one with infinity. I dream it finds my love where she rests, that part of me might touch her again. CREATED BY John Dowgin


TOP 10 -   When finally she died, he allowed himself one tear.  It grew from there, not stopping ‘til he drowned.  CREATED BY Nadim Dimechkie



Audience Awards

First Round / Tweet Me A Story Contest #1


"heaven" (ASSIGNED WORD)

Someone told Jen that you can see heaven by staring directly into a solar eclipse. It cost her a pair of retinas, but it was worth it. CREATED BY Nicholas Prevenas



The shrink had let her leave with the promise she wouldn't harm herself. Lizzie felt vaguely guilty that she was letting her therapist down. CREATED BY Irina O'Kittens


"flying" (ASSIGNED WORD)

We’d come so far. Now we were trapped. The lion sunk his claws deep into my straw as the shrieking of the flying monkeys grew closer. CREATED BY Dalton Paper


"secret" (ASSIGNED WORD)

Secret baby, teen mom. No one hears, no one comes. Tiny fingers. Daylight thrums. She walks away, no 2nd glance. Teen mom wants 2nd chance. CREATED BY Audrey Webb



I sit cradling my backpack. The conductor marks my ticket with his punch, smiles, ambles on. In a minute, he’ll wish he’d checked the pack. CREATED BY John Dowgin


"choose" (ASSIGNED WORD)

U^4 a cruise 2 Santa Cruz 4 Blues & booze till we snooze, or amuse R muse w/ a ruse 2 schmooze & confuse Mr. GD2-shoes? U choose. CREATED BY Christopher Canole & Leah D'Emilio



Found: new girlfriend. "The bees are dying!" I tell her, sobbing. "So what?" she yawns. "No more honey? Who cares!" Seeking: new girlfriend. CREATED BY Katherine Boboris



Lost in a sea of strangers, I turn around and see… me. Reflected in glass, sunset alight, I am free to choose my plight. Good enough decree. CREATED BY Patricia Stewart



"Raw," was the giggling response for how the fish should be prepared. She never seemed to understand: We serve sushi. It all comes that way. CREATED BY Brian Colligan


"flavor" (ASSIGNED WORD)

Shawna drives me home from the beach. We are blonde with sun and coated in a fine, white powder. I lick my arm tasting the salty flavor. CREATED BY Amy Hrin



I dive in for the kill; the knife plunges into his heart. The search for my mother's killer is over. Now he can't name me his accomplice. CREATED BY Vanessa Muri



Ng stood for a moment, staring dazedly at the smoking, burning hole in his belly. “Smells like bacon” he murmured as he fell to the ground. CREATED BY Sean Butler



Well, the exterminator finally came out to take a look. Those scraping sounds from the attic? ...Turns out I'm NOT an only child CREATED BY David Malki !


"hidden" (ASSIGNED WORD)

Sometimes when my daughters have hidden themselves from me, I pretend they have really gone, grown up and it reminds me how much I love them CREATED BY Kyle Bond



Det. Chad R was sharp. He took one look at the bloody piano in the middle of the stage and instantly knew the reason for the murder: C flat. CREATED BY Brandon Kreines


"glitter" (ASSIGNED WORD)

Seconds ago his ashes were shot in the night a glitter the dark sky. In the crowd not a dry eye. Their King is gone the Queen wonders why. CREATED BY Angsioco Leonceo



The hole wasn’t always there. My father made it. He was aiming at me. He was drunk. From then on. Now we can pass dishes through the wall. CREATED BY Chelsea Werner



Crash! His heart broke into pieces at the bottom of his stomach. In that epic moment, he was decimated and she was freed. CREATED BY Aaron Ybarra


"plastic" (ASSIGNED WORD)

Ken froze, his eyes glued 2 the open drawer. Its contents would haunt his dreams forever. How could Barbie prefer plastic to the real thing? CREATED BY Wes Teasdale



A small dock-side radio crackled ominously: Evacuate. But the widower took no heed, calmly watching the salt marsh sway under fateful winds. CREATED BY Joe Crosby

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