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Assigned Word



Top 5 Writers Advancing (Finals begin on August 18th at 12PM EDT)

I adjust my skirt as the doors open to my best friend and his beautiful ex on the cruel platform. // by Christina Drumm (Audience 2nd )

From the back of the church, he watched his ex marry a man who looked just like him. Oh, cruel fate. // by Diane Rusignola (Audience 3rd )

Cruel Gruel, we named it, momís oatmeal. She overcooked the stuff, daydreaming on her first love. // by Mark Sutz (Judges )

He plays alone outside. Is it cruel to tell him, or for him to always wonder where his brother is? // by Dana Dillehunt (Audience 1st )

"Women are cruel, Tom. Every one of them the same." "Dad, she took my KIDNEY." "Case in point, son." // by Charlie Hatton (Judges )



Group Participants

Group Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
12 Addiego Mike East islip NY US
12 Ahearn Jess     US
12 Austin Cathy A. Plymouth WI US
12 Brooks Elizabeth Slaughter LA US
12 Carson Chris Toronto Ontario CA
12 Dillehunt Dana fitchburg MA US
12 Drumm Christina     US
12 duran nadia  Gundelfingen   DE
12 Gsovski Michael     US
12 Hatton Charlie Brookline MA US
12 Hill Julie Springfield MO US
12 Johnson Kelly     US
12 Langley Martha Ringgold ID US
12 Mader JD Burlingame CA US
12 Malia Stacy Astoria NY US
12 Mickelson Peter San Francisco CA US
12 O'Gara Clarke  Maidenhead  Berkshire GB
12 Ortberg Mallory San Jose CA US
12 Pike Ian San Diego CA US
12 Renaud William Windsor Ontario CA
12 Rhodes Tearra Buffalo NY US
12 Richardson Ashley     US
12 Richardson Bradford Hatboro PA US
12 Robledo Richard Tustin CA US
12 Rodriguez Vanelis San Francisco CA US
12 Rusignola Diane     US
12 Salowe David  Ocean NJ US
12 Schatz Jerry King of Prussia,  PA US
12 Scott Kay Salix IA US
12 Steier Lydia Berlin Berlin DE
12 Sundaram Ram     CA
12 Sutz Mark     US
12 Touris Brittany Rochester NY US
12 Tutkus Adam     US
12 Tyler Blaine West Hollywood CA US
12 Vickers Brent KATY TX US
12 Weidknecht Paul Phillipsburg NJ US
12 Wenker Jeff     US
12 Wiltshire Shari  Frederiksted    VI
12 Wright Claudia Seal Beach CA US




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