1st Round Results 
The 1st Round results from the 250-word Microfiction Challenge 2020 are below!  If your story was listed among the top 10 from your group, congratulations on advancing to the 2nd Round kicking off at 11:59PM EST (New York time) this Friday, January 15th.  The 1,200 advancing writers will be separated into groups and challenged to write another 250-word story based on new genre, action, and word assignments.  Regardless of how you placed, everyone should be proud of rising to the challenge and creating so many amazing stories. We hope it was an inspiring experience and everyone continues to challenge themselves as writers.  Thank you for participating and stay safe! 


Top Stories by Group

Additional top stories not recognized in the original announcement are listed below:


Group 99 - Sci-Fi / Shoplifting / damage

Honorable Mention - ''MHS'' by Vaki Kokkinaki





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