The Screenwriting Challenge is an international screenplay competition, now in its 16th year, that challenges participants to create original short screenplays in as little as 24 hours based on genre, subject, and character assignments.  The event is organized by NYC Midnight Movie Making Madness, an organization that has been holding exciting creative competitions since 2002 and is dedicated to discovering and promoting a new wave of talented storytellers.  NYC Midnight aims to provide the prizes and exposure necessary for writers to take their next big step towards writing professionally.





Benjamin Young & Colin Brandon (Merrillville, IN, USA)


Winning Scripts - "A.N.A." (Horror), "Haole" (Comedy), and "The Craftsman (Open)



Ed Hicks (Sidcup, UK)


Winning Scripts - "High Tension" (Thriller), "Field of View" (Suspense), "Milwaukee Deep" (Open)


Click here to read Ed's winning screenplays.



Paul Searles (Singapore)


Winning Scripts - "Stormshifter" (Spy), "Apples" (Horror), "The Dancer" (Open)

Click here to read Paul's winning screenplays.



David F.M. Vaughn (Union City, NJ, USA)


Winning Scripts - "Lacuna" (Mystery), "Dry Tide" (Mystery), "By the Book" (Open)

Click here to read David's winning screenplays.



Travis J. Kehoe (Los Angeles, CA, USA)


Winning Scripts - "Left Handed Jack" (Mystery), "Sketchbook" (Drama), "The Last Hurrah" (Open)



Eric Johnson (Oak Park, IL, USA)


Winning Scripts - "Checks and Balances" (Mystery), "Friends Forever" (Ghost Story), "Sound of Rain" (Open)



Fraser White (Ottawa, ON, Canada)


Winning Scripts - "All the Principal's Men" (Political Satire), "Day's End" (Drama), "The Kiss Collector" (Open)



Christopher Schrader (Chicago, IL, USA)


Winning Scripts - "The Candy Thief" (Romantic Comedy), "One Last Mess" (Sci-Fi), and "Pandora" (Sci-Fi)


Click here to read the Interview with Christopher



Evan Beier (Providence, RI, USA)


Winning Scripts - "Modern Science" (Sci-Fi) and "Love Number" (Romantic Comedy)


Click here to read the Interview with Evan



Luke Kalteux (Sherman Oaks, CA, USA)


Winning Scripts - "It Came From Beneath the Big Top!'' (Monster Movie) and “GNATE_A Gnat's Tale” (Fairy Tale)


Click here to read the Interview with Luke



Stuart Creque (Moraga, CA, USA)


Winning Scripts - “He Knows” (Horror) and “One Child Born” (Suspense)


Click here to read the Interview with Stuart



Aaron Pease (Arlington, VA, USA)


Winning Scripts - "SNAFU" (Drama) and "We'll Meet Again Some Day" (Sci-Fi)


Click here to read the Interview with Aaron



Elizabeth Chase (Pasadena, CA, USA)


Winning Scripts - "Maddy's Quick Trip" (Thriller) and "Disgorgement" (Horror)


Click here to read the Interview with Elizabeth



Amy Neswald (New York, NY, USA)


Winning Scripts - "Wednesday Night at Spanky's" (Comedy) and "Wilderness" (Fantasy)


Click here to read the Interview with Amy



James Felder (New York, NY, USA)


Winning Scripts - "The August Sun" (Horror) and "Marking Time" (Comedy)










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