From a field of over 800 writers, 25 finalists were selected to compete in the 3rd and final round of the competition where they had just 24 hours to create an original screenplay (5 pages max.) based on a genre (Open), subject (Physical therapy), and character (A con artist).  The overall winners have been selected and are listed below.  Congratulations to everyone that participated this year for creating so many amazing screenplays! 


#1 'The Last Hurrah' by Travis J. Kehoe LOGLINE - A small-time Con Artist currently in Federal custody is forced to run a con on a bigger fish but the real question is: who is conning who?

#2 'Feel The Burn' by Sean Robert Daniels LOGLINE - A priest is called to inspect unusual occurrences at a local physiotherapist's practice...

#3 'Venganza' by Mark MacDonald LOGLINE - After surviving a traumatic experience, a man goes after those who've done him wrong.

#4 'Back Break Heart Ache' by MK Morris LOGLINE - Logline: A team of con men must turn to a physio specialist when part of their con gets out of hand.

#5 'Mr. Lucifer Goes to Washington' by Greg Sisco LOGLINE - His re-election on the rocks, a U.S. president calls an emergency meeting with the devil.

#6 'The Doctors Union' by Donovan Renn LOGLINE - A good-intentioned con man steals money from the Doctors Union to pay for his elderly mother's organ transplant. The Doctors track him down, tell him he has cancer, and - pretending to "treat" him - slowly torture him to death.

#7 'Welcome to Sana 7' by Sara Bogin LOGLINE - Welcome to Sana 7, a rehabilitation facility known for their zero gravity therapy. Where all their patients receive state-of-the-art care...or so they'd like you think.

#8 'Insight' by Sarah K. Moss LOGLINE - A blind man enters his home in the middle of a theft, only to mistake his robber for a physical therapist.

#9 'Kansas City Shuffle' by Allison Rushton LOGLINE - An older con artist who specializes in dealing overpriced artwork pays a visit to a physical therapist who is well-aware of his dishonest lifestyle.

#10 'Cons & Consequences' by Jeff Payne LOGLINE - An aging confidence man healing from hip replacement surgery gets a lesson in trust from his physical therapist.



The 11th Annual Screenwriting Challenge is a competition open to screenwriters around the world.  There are 3 rounds of competition.  In the 1st Round (May 2-10), writers are placed randomly in heats and are assigned a genre, subject, and character assignment (see examples of past assignments here).  Writers have 8 days to write an original short screenplay no longer than 12 pages.  The judges choose a top 5 in each heat to advance to the 2nd Round (June 26-June 29) where writers receive new assignments, only this time they have just 3 days to write an 8 page (maximum) short screenplay.  Judges choose a top 25 from the 2nd Round to advance to the 3rd and final round of the competition where writers are challenged to write a 5 page (maximum) screenplay in just 24 hours (July 25-26).  A panel of judges review the final round stories and overall winners are selected.  Sound like fun?  Join the competition below...


Registration is now closed. 

Check out the 1st Round assignments

Check out the 2nd Round assignments


Official Rules & Participation Agreement


  1st Round May 2-10, 2014
  2nd Round June 26-29, 2014
  3rd Round July 25-26, 2014


Not only does every writer receive feedback from the judges for every screenplay submitted, but a special review forum is available for the participants to submit their screenplays for review from fellow writers throughout the competition.  During the Screenwriting Challenge 2013, there were over 1,100 comments made on the 100+ screenplays submitted on the forum.  Click here to visit the forums.






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