The full prize list for 2017 will be announced soon!



1st Place

USD$3,000 Cash

Robert McKee One seat at Robert McKee's STORY and GENRE seminar in New York, Los Angeles, or London (valued at USD$1,026). Robert McKee’s signature STORY and GENRE Seminars are designed to help writers learn substance, structure, style, and principles of story from the man writers call “the Aristotle of our time.” For more than thirty years, the path to storytelling success has started with Robert McKee’s legendary seminars. Thousands of screenwriters, playwrights, novelists, journalists, and business and marketing professionals have learned the timeless principles of story.



2nd Place

▪ USD$1,000 Cash

One-Year Subscription to Storylogue (valued at $197).  Storylogue is an online writer's service Robert McKee has created for the writer's community. All content that has been added to STORYLOGUE since the inception on January of 2010 is viewable at your leisure 24/7: Weekly Lessons, Interviews, Q & As and a Writer’s Networking Room.


3rd Place

▪ USD$500 Cash

One-Year Subscription to Storylogue (valued at $197).


4th Place

▪ USD$300 Cash

One-Year Subscription to Storylogue (valued at $197).


5th Place

▪ USD$200 Cash 

One-Year Subscription to Storylogue (valued at $197).












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