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An avalanche
A mother-in-law



If your story is listed below in the top 5, congratulations on advancing to the 2nd Round kicking off at 11:59PM EDT this Thursday, March 17th!  Regardless if your story placed or not, everyone should be proud for rising to the challenge and creating an original story from scratch in just 8 days.  This was our largest field ever and there were many great stories that aren't recognized below.  Thank you to everyone for participating, we hope it was an inspiring experience!

#1 'Off-Piste' by Jessica Gilmartin SYNOPSIS - Deirdre is tagging along with her sonís family on tour of Europe. When Deirdre and her daughter in law, Becky, go skiing in the Swiss Alps, their ski guide takes them off-piste and they set off an avalanche that could claim Deirdreís life.

#2 'Highway Hold Up' by Hyeon Kyoung Lee SYNOPSIS - When Diana finds out she is pregnant and unable to financially support the baby, her mother-in-law Maria steps in with an idea to rob a local convenience store. The hold up goes as planned until terrifying coincidences enter the picture.

#3 'The Last Chosen' by Bonnie Starr SYNOPSIS - A widow hunts down her mother-in-law in order to save mankind from the Apocalypse.

#4 'Shortcuts to the Top' by Samantha Paedae SYNOPSIS - A man climbs a mountain in an attempt to impress his mother-in-law. It doesnít go very well.

#5 'Designed Nightmare' by Devin terSteeg SYNOPSIS - Lost in a confused dreamscape, a witch battles her son-in-law to end her decades long adventure in avoiding the truth.

#Honorable Mention 'Breaking the Ice' by Melissa Hardy SYNOPSIS - A young woman bonds with her mother-in-law while struggling to survive in the wintry wilds of Wyoming.

#Honorable Mention 'Finding Diamonds' by Susie Sentevski SYNOPSIS - A woman, thrust into the wilderness, desperately searches for her wedding ring while attempting to right the wrong turns in her life.

#Honorable Mention 'Snowfall' by Rebecca Kinsey SYNOPSIS - When Nell and her family take a hike on Christmas Day, they can't imagine the consequences. Despite the danger, the family gains a better perspective on their adventure.


           Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
24 Burns Chris Phoenix AZ US
24 Butt Lisa Plymouth Devon GB
24 Collivas Johnny Melbourne VIC AU
24 Crocker Jandi Melbourne VIC AU
24 Crowe Kelly Glendale CO US
24 Dullnig Amy San Antonio TX US
24 Eichhorn Carolyn Baltimore MD US
24 Ercole Chrissy New York NY US
24 Ford Cheryl Fresno CA US
24 Fransson Lisa Hove East Sussex GB
24 Gilmartin Jessica Depew NY US
24 Hardy Melissa Henderson NV US
24 Herbert Beckie Marlow Buckinghamshire GB
24 Hughes Philip Lusk Dublin IE
24 Jones Wanda Memphis TN US
24 Kinsey Rebecca State College PA US
24 Latimer Lori Dover AR US
24 Lear Will Brooklyn NY US
24 Lee Hyeon New York NY US
24 Lunsford John Silver Spring MD US
24 MacMillan Mairibeth Cove Argyll GB
24 Mathews MaryAnne Carmel IN US
24 McGee Ginger Pooler GA US
24 Mitchell Libby Garland TX US
24 Morgan Teresa Amarillo TX US
24 Paedae Samantha Gainesville FL US
24 Piper Katie Boston MA US
24 Raven Zane Cornwallville NY US
24 Sentevski Susie Lisle IL US
24 Sheehan Mark Perth WA AU
24 Starr Bonnie Greenback TN US
24 Sutton Raphael Brooklyn NY US
24 terSteeg Devin Fargo ND US
24 Watts Virginia Northridge CA US
24 Wilson Traci Danville KY US







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