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Breaking a promise
A photo retoucher



If your story is listed below in the top 5, congratulations on advancing to the 2nd Round kicking off at 11:59PM EDT this Thursday, March 17th!  Regardless if your story placed or not, everyone should be proud for rising to the challenge and creating an original story from scratch in just 8 days.  This was our largest field ever and there were many great stories that aren't recognized below.  Thank you to everyone for participating, we hope it was an inspiring experience!

#1 'Retouched' by Anne Bean SYNOPSIS - Roz, a photo retoucher covering fashion photography in New York, hooks up with her biggest model crush, only do uncover a scummy designer who’s taking advantage of and abusing models. She’s promised to keep the model’s abuse secret, but at what cost? Can Roz help her lover without betraying her trust?

#2 'Construction' by Blake Curran SYNOPSIS - A man reflects on the events leading up to his boyfriend's disappearance.

#3 'B & W' by Penny Newbury SYNOPSIS - After thirty years of marriage and eleven children between them, they found happiness, and had a whole lot of fun.

#4 'Worth A Thousand Words' by Michael Anthony Cotignola III SYNOPSIS - Marcus believes that his marriage is as good as over when he discovers that his wife, Willie, is in love with another man. Marcus’s keen eye for detail leads to the couple’s reconciliation.

#5 'Three H's and a Thunderstorm' by Bill Cromwell SYNOPSIS - Sallie and Pete are newlyweds, happily in love except for an affair Sallie had when they were engaged. Pete discovers an enhanced photo of her former lover on their computer and storms out of the house. They reconcile, but a thunderstorm bares down.

#Honorable Mention 'Don't' by Casey Arn SYNOPSIS - In order to save the one he loves, a photographer/photo retoucher makes a morally questionable choice. In his attempt to save her, he may lose her still.

#Honorable Mention 'I'll Be Home With You' by Melinda Stephens SYNOPSIS - Fia’s love for Levi shielded him from his own demons. She promised that she would always be there for him, but even the most sincere promises must sometimes be broken.

#Honorable Mention 'The Fifth Urn' by Sue Kittles SYNOPSIS - Harold, an elderly gentleman, reminisces about his married life, as his wife lies dying in a hospital bed. She makes him promise to do something for her after she dies and although he agrees, it is not something he will find easy to do.


           Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
3 Anderson Pamela Converse TX US
3 Arn Casey Butler PA US
3 Bailey John Seddon VIC AU
3 Bakoulas Angelos Pikermi Attica GR
3 Baranauckas Carla Edgewater NJ US
3 Bean Anne Seattle WA US
3 Buzzanca Pietro Roma   IT
3 Cotignola Michael Whitehouse Station NJ US
3 Cromwell Bill Fort Loudon PA US
3 Curran Blake Bringelly NSW AU
3 Gertelman Jay West Orange NJ US
3 goucher-patrick ann penrith Cumbria GB
3 guttu Patty VERO BEACH FL US
3 Hood Wendy Syracuse UT US
3 Hooper Selina Isle of Man Isle of Man GB
3 Jacobs George Stockport Greater Manchester GB
3 Joseph Yonnette New York NY US
3 Kittles Sue Aylesbury Buckinghamshire GB
3 Martinez Mariah Shae Tampa FL US
3 McCloskey Billy Round Rock TX US
3 Montrose Matilda Redwood city CA US
3 Nelson Nicholas San Luis Obispo CA US
3 Newbegin Claire Washington DC US
3 Newbury Penny Noank CT US
3 Norlin Megan LaSalle IL US
3 Pariser Ellen Sharon MA US
3 Phillips Michelle Eltham North VIC AU
3 Picton Sophie Wigan Greater Manchester GB
3 Plick Bill Paris   FR
3 Rabadue Stephanie Midland TX US
3 Ryan Kevin Baltimore MD US
3 Stephens Melinda Linden VA US
3 Wolf Katie saint louis MO US
3 Wolff Alexandra Deerfield IL US







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