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Historical Fiction
A jewelry designer



If your story is listed below in the top 5, congratulations on advancing to the 2nd Round kicking off at 11:59PM EDT this Thursday, March 17th!  Regardless if your story placed or not, everyone should be proud for rising to the challenge and creating an original story from scratch in just 8 days.  This was our largest field ever and there were many great stories that aren't recognized below.  Thank you to everyone for participating, we hope it was an inspiring experience!

#1 'War Babies' by Melissa Sagendorph SYNOPSIS - A husband and wife find they no longer recognize one another after a war that has resulted in a pregnancy. The husband is conflicted about putting the babies up for adoption, but his wife rejects them because of their origin.

#2 'Prelude' by Tia Collin SYNOPSIS - When Channa impulsively chooses to marry outside of her community, her relationship with her more traditional twin, Avraham, is tested.

#3 'Conjoined' by Annmarie Lockhart SYNOPSIS - A jewelry designer is commissioned to design a pendant as a family heirloom. What she learns about the family is a saga in itself, an American dream come true.

#4 'Lost Shells in the Sand' by Jessica Tufte SYNOPSIS - A modern archeological team in Egypt discovers “Lady of the Jewels,” but they will never know the true story behind the rare golden seashell created by an ancient jewelry designer.

#5 'What's in a name?' by Rosalind Atkins SYNOPSIS - Creative twins take rather different directions in life, but there are some things that only the two of them can understand.

#Honorable Mention 'Let Them Push You' by Tyler SYNOPSIS - A young man is using his great grandfather’s World War II story to pick up a date at a bar. Little does he know, he’s playing with history that’s not finished being written.

#Honorable Mention 'Mr Edwards' by Alison Morris SYNOPSIS - Mr Jonathon Edwards arrives in the small coastal town of Maroochydore in the early 1920’s. Wifeless, childless, the handsome recluse opens a jewellery store presenting custom designs that amaze the Brisbane Elite.

#Honorable Mention 'Tories' by Kristie Claxton SYNOPSIS - Each man must make a choice and each man must decide if it’s right. Ezekiel Seemins has a choice stay loyal to the crown or follow his heart and family.



           Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
30 Altruda Elisabeth Katy TX US
30 Ambrum Georgina Babinda QLD AU
30 Atkins Rosalind Calleville   FR
30 Boyd Deborah Brisbane QLD AU
30 Burns Leanne Glenfield NSW AU
30 Claxton Kristie West Warwick RI US
30 Collin Tia North Fort Myers FL US
30 Frappier M. Charles Toronto ON CA
30 Gibson Adele Alice Springs NT AU
30 González Bello Ana DF Distrito Federal MX
30 Goodman Hannah Bristol RI US
30 Harris Brent 29 Palms CA US
30 Heath Luke Perth WA AU
30 Hogeland Phoebe Richmond VA US
30 Kelsey Victoria Prescot Merseyside GB
30 Knudson Sara Citrus Heights CA US
30 Lane Marta Kapaa HI US
30 Lockhart Annmarie Englewood NJ US
30 Markavage Susan Novato CA US
30 Martin Angie Overland Park KS US
30 Martin Wendy-Marie Halcyon CA US
30 McCarthy Tyler Brooklyn NY US
30 McFarlane Rebecca Scarborough ON CA
30 Morris Alison Marcoola QLD AU
30 Peterson Candace Chicago IL US
30 Rague Roanna Eden UT US
30 Reed Heather Moore SC US
30 Reynolds Adrian London London GB
30 Royston Marianne Scottsville VA US
30 Sagendorph Melissa Chelsea MA US
30 Smith Duane San Marcos TX US
30 Terlson Craig Winnipeg MB CA
30 Tufte Jessica Carrboro NC US
30 Turecek Meg Chandler AZ US
30 Zachary Juliana Chertsey Surrey GB







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