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Political Satire
A surgery
A vegetarian



If your story is listed below in the top 5, congratulations on advancing to the 2nd Round kicking off at 11:59PM EDT this Thursday, March 17th!  Regardless if your story placed or not, everyone should be proud for rising to the challenge and creating an original story from scratch in just 8 days.  This was our largest field ever and there were many great stories that aren't recognized below.  Thank you to everyone for participating, we hope it was an inspiring experience!

#1 'Good Fortune' by Karl C. Johnson SYNOPSIS - When the newly-elected mayor is shot at his first press conference, the emergency surgical team at the local hospital must put aside their disagreement with his politics to save his life.

#2 'A Bill' by Yousef Mubarak SYNOPSIS - A patient receives an unpleasant, and costly, surprise after a surgery.

#3 'Operation Calamity Sam' by Jami Smith SYNOPSIS - A group of politicians gathers at a think tank to play a new drinking/thinking game of Operation to solve the water problem in Flint, Michigan. They discover that, instead, they’re dealing with a politician problem, and, instead, the blame game begins.

#4 'The Bear Went Over the Mountain' by Mike Swift SYNOPSIS - Bearnard Bear awoke one spring and found a few things had changed in the neighborhood. An impending migration of hares upon the valley below has the local inhabitants up in arms – all in an election year for King of the Mountain.

#5 'The Perfect President' by Alex Turner-Cohen SYNOPSIS - A student uses all necessary means to ensure he wins the position of School Captain. However, his ambitions do not stop there as he realises his ruthless nature makes him the perfect candidate to become President…

#Honorable Mention 'Asylum' by Jeremy Wightman SYNOPSIS - Robert Little never understood why they hate him so much. When he finds himself in a home for hopeless cases, he must decide for himself if he should conform or seek asylum someplace where no one can make him hate who he is.

#Honorable Mention 'Son of Sam' by Tracy Purbrick SYNOPSIS - A retired scientist, running a small factory farm, performs gene and nano surgery to transform a pig into a human. The animals hoped this ‘Humanimal’ would convert the world to vegetarianism, but, on finding the Humanimal and farmer dining on pork, they slaughter them and understand how power unveils true character.

#Honorable Mention 'Trembley's Candidate' by Kelly Roell SYNOPSIS - When campaign manager Trembley finds out that Ronald Klump, his candidate for the Republican nomination, is a vegetarian, he knows his campaign is headed for the crapper unless he can hide this liberal ideology from the GOP constituents. However, when Klump's shocking alliance with the liberals is revealed, only respected colorectal surgeon, Susan Anthony, can discover just how full of shit this candidate really is.


           Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
33 Abraham Ailsa CHAMPLITTE Franche Comté FR
33 Ammerman Lisa Vancouver WA US
33 Berger Deanna Hyde Park NY US
33 Cantor Alysa Cary NC US
33 Colbert Niall Tullamore Offaly IE
33 Evans Stacie Brooklyn NY US
33 Falla Wendy Cranleigh Surrey GB
33 Finzel Sharon Indian Trail NC US
33 Giorgetta Tania Mount Pleasant WA AU
33 Goldman Ilene Lake in the Hills IL US
33 Hale Kevin Bozeman MT US
33 hamdani deborah elgin IL US
33 Johnson Karl Boise ID US
33 Lowry Brian Platte City MO US
33 Macdonald Sophie Highvale QLD AU
33 Martin Sarah West Palm Beach FL US
33 Mubarak Yousef Uijeongbu   KR
33 Ng David Culver City CA US
33 Ponsiano Michael Brooklyn NY US
33 Purbrick Tracy ruislip Middlesex GB
33 Raisher Josh Berlin Deutschland DE
33 Roell Kelly Lutz FL US
33 Smith Rebecca Calgary AB CA
33 Smith Rosemary Manningtree Essex GB
33 Smith Jami Vass NC US
33 Smith-Windsor Jaimie Waskesiu Lake SK CA
33 Stevenson Maggie San Francisco CA US
33 Swift Mike Crawfordville FL US
33 Turner Xyla Brooklyn NY US
33 Turner-Cohen Alex Greenwich NSW AU
33 Wightman Jeremy Huber Heights OH US
33 Wilcox Hannah LONDON ON CA
33 Williams Lindsey Red Oak TX US
33 Woodley Apryl Carnegie PA US
33 Workman Michael Pepperell MA US







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