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Getting lost
A dog breeder



If your story is listed below in the top 5, congratulations on advancing to the 2nd Round kicking off at 11:59PM EDT this Thursday, March 17th!  Regardless if your story placed or not, everyone should be proud for rising to the challenge and creating an original story from scratch in just 8 days.  This was our largest field ever and there were many great stories that aren't recognized below.  Thank you to everyone for participating, we hope it was an inspiring experience!

#1 'First Woman on the Moon' by R.C. Meehan SYNOPSIS - Jess Swenson, dog-breeder and divorcee, has one last mess to clean up after her exuberant ex-husband and troubled sister before resuming her sensible solitary life. When a meeting goes awry and she gets lost, the street magician she encounters on her way confounds her plans.

#2 'Buongiorno Maestro ' by Doreen Lee SYNOPSIS - After an emotionally scarring tragedy, world-renowned composer and conductor Alessandro Trovato resigns himself to an early retirement in his native Rome. While taking a walk in his beloved Villa Borghese one day, he comes across a stray dog that proves to be much more than meets the eye.


#3 'The Devil's Matchmaker' by Janet L. Cannon SYNOPSIS - The daughter of an environmentalist is caught between a new love and her mother’s old vendetta.

#4 'One Last Time' by Michael Parker SYNOPSIS - A chance meeting with a mystical stranger offers a couple the opportunity to know love one last time.

#5 'A Lost Pearl' by Brandie Kelly SYNOPSIS - A jewel in the greyhound racing world, who refuses suitors brought to her by a heartless and human breeder, finds herself and her other half only after getting lost.

#Honorable Mention 'Best In Show (1)' by Michael Duclos SYNOPSIS - Can 10 lbs. of joy overcome a widow’s grief and show her how to love again?

#Honorable Mention 'Follow You Home' by Arlene Kalem SYNOPSIS - A love story in three parts, featuring a man, his lover, his dog, and an evanescent memory.

#Honorable Mention 'Mr. Mortician Man' by Madison Shoemaker SYNOPSIS - The friendly neighborhood mortician feels lost until he meets a woman that embodies life.



           Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
4 Buehler Susannah Tottenham ON CA
4 Canalita Tina Marie Modesto CA US
4 Cannon Janet Cape Girardeau MO US
4 Colacino Jennifer San Antonio TX US
4 Cruickshank Claire Glasgow Glasgow City GB
4 Díaz Emmanuel Rodeo CA US
4 Duclos Michael New York NY US
4 Frost Jodi Petaluma CA US
4 Gavilanes Natalie Goshen NY US
4 gormley jill sandown NH US
4 Hill Greg Quincy MA US
4 kalem arlene Windermere FL US
4 Kelly Brandie New Egypt NJ US
4 La Coa Manassa Miami FL US
4 Lathia Shreya Toronto ON CA
4 Lee Doreen Sugar Land TX US
4 McHegg Karen Seattle WA US
4 Meehan R.C. Shoreline WA US
4 Mey Sundegna Tacoma WA US
4 Moroney Cara KILFENORA Clare IE
4 Mout Ben Cooranbong NSW AU
4 Parker Michael North Bend OR US
4 Pearce Terry London London GB
4 Phillips Teresa Corrales NM US
4 Prosser Trevor Calgary AB CA
4 Rosman Michelle Richmond VA US
4 Schulden Christine Woolwich Township NJ US
4 Schulz Caitlin Edmonton AB CA
4 Shoemaker Madison Denver CO US
4 Shypula Pauline Indianapolis IN US
4 Tozzi Nina Scottsdale AZ US
4 Veliz Lindsey Nevada City CA US
4 Walikis Robert IRVINE CA US
4 Wilson Rachel Rockville MD US
4 Young Nathaniel Brisbane QLD AU







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