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A delivery driver



If your story is listed below in the top 4, congratulations on advancing to the 3rd and final round kicking off at 11:59PM EDT this Friday, April 29th!  Regardless of how you placed, everyone should be proud of making it to the 2nd Round from an original field of over 2,000 writers and rising to each challenge along the way.  Best of luck to the finalists this weekend and thank you again to everyone for participating! 


#1 'Please Do Not Delay' by Sarah Beaudette SYNOPSIS - An irreverent expat in Manila struggles to find meaning in his job delivering facial scrubs to the rich. He discovers that it is not he but strangers who will ultimately decide whether or not the life he leads is a valuable one.

#2 'In Absentia ' by Nicole Leszczuk SYNOPSIS - He fills their homes with the shiniest new things, but his emptiness might swallow him whole.

#3 'Hopeless Cases' by Jackie Morgon SYNOPSIS - As a ten year old, Chloe idolized her sister Jess and her seemingly glamorous life as a sex worker. Six years later, Chloe still hasn’t recovered from Jess’ murder.

#4 'Gilded Cage' by Bart Brooks SYNOPSIS - A decadent party for the elite quickly proves that there are far more dangerous things than mingling with the wrong social circle.

#Honorable Mention 'Boi-Tata' by Mike Holyoak SYNOPSIS - Driver specializes in the delivery of rarities and obscurities, so securing a South American frog should be no trouble at all. But there’s more to the frog and the job than Driver ever bargained for.

#Honorable Mention 'De Bloem' by Carey Head SYNOPSIS - A Jewish matriarch in Belgium hosts an extravagant party for the occupying Nazi forces, but plans to execute a daring scheme right under their noses.

#Honorable Mention 'Delivering Decadence' by Lyn Worthen SYNOPSIS - Dropping off a last-minute gift on her way home from work hadn’t been the way Claire had planned to start her weekend, but her resolve crumbled in the face of a pair of big, brown, puppy-dog eyes.

#Honorable Mention 'La Famiglia' by Jared Lemus SYNOPSIS - Family is family, and sometimes families fight. This is a story about what it’s like to be a “delivery man” with a father who hates you.


2nd Round Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
1 Arisco Tamarae Daly City CA US
1 Beaudette Sarah Spokane WA US
1 Belknap Ian Chicago IL US
1 Brooks Bart Hoboken NJ US
1 Bruce Marisol Luton Bedfordshire GB
1 Fitzpatrick Kelli Harrison MI US
1 Francisconi Amy Wilmington DE US
1 Gomez Analisa Rowland Heights CA US
1 Graeme Icarus Provo UT US
1 Guffey Joshua Waynesville MO US
1 Head Carey Belmont NC US
1 Holyoak Mike Idaho Falls ID US
1 Jablonski Christienne Colorado Springs CO US
1 Katze Nicole Ardmore PA US
1 Kelly Brandie New Egypt NJ US
1 Lemus Jared Little Rock AR US
1 Leszczuk Nicole Bordentown NJ US
1 Lopez Carlos Aubrey TX US
1 MacMillan Marie PORTLAND OR US
1 Meehan Sue Dublin Dublin IE
1 Morgon Jackie Beaverton OR US
1 Muzingo Leslie Mobile AL US
1 Ramakrishnan Pooja Jamnagar Gujarat IN
1 Rogers Lisa Telford Shropshire GB
1 saltonstall phil mill valley CA US
1 Taylor Cameron Portland OR US
1 Tennant Tom Bay Village OH US
1 Trendowicz Jennifer RALEIGH NC US
1 Varner Kevin Greensboro NC US
1 Worthen Lyn Sandy UT US






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