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A confession
A smuggler



If your story is listed below in the top 4, congratulations on advancing to the 3rd and final round kicking off at 11:59PM EDT this Friday, April 29th!  Regardless of how you placed, everyone should be proud of making it to the 2nd Round from an original field of over 2,000 writers and rising to each challenge along the way.  Best of luck to the finalists this weekend and thank you again to everyone for participating! 


#1 'Cat Talk' by Joy Baglio SYNOPSIS - A backpacker in rural Vietnam takes refuge from a rain storm in an abandoned jungle house and finds himself forced to share his shelter with a strange truck driver with dubious cargo. Over the course of the evening, the driverís eerie confession leads to a shocking plan.

#2 'Diary, Partial' by Rachel Richardson SYNOPSIS - Many artifacts were uncovered in the wreckage of the doomed Harrington voyage of 1876: a bone comb, the husk of a telescope, a silk neckerchief, and these diary entries.

#3 'It Takes a Village' by Julie Wright SYNOPSIS - The new parish priest in a southwestern Arizona village near the border is determined to win over the locals and earn their friendship and trust. A reclusive little boy teaches him there are two categories of people: friends and not friends.

#4 'Diamonds in the Sand' by Melissa Sagendorph SYNOPSIS - After a smugglerís contact goes missing, he agrees to do one more deal with the contactís wife. When he arrives, he suspects the woman isnít being honest with him about the pickup.

#Honorable Mention 'Known' by Jenny Fengler SYNOPSIS - From Soviet Russia to NYC, there's terrible work to be done. Do you know Dr. Savva?

#Honorable Mention 'The Ferryman' by Jennifer Amell SYNOPSIS - On the treacherous Aegean sea, a raft of Syrian refugees are subject to the guidance of a trafficker. When a storm breaks out, the Ferryman must face his humanity.

#Honorable Mention 'The Smuggler Remake' by Chelsea Sutton SYNOPSIS - A film director gets ambushed by the fictional star of his last Oscar-winning film, who demands to know the true motivations behind the artistic choices he made.

#Honorable Mention 'The Truth Puller' by Kerrin Piche Serna SYNOPSIS - If you have a secret, he'll get it out of you.



2nd Round Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
10 Amell Jennifer Coatesville PA US
10 Baglio Joy Florence MA US
10 Banick Suzette Condon OR US
10 Barone Vanessa Conder ACT AU
10 Browne Susan Tralee Kerry IE
10 Camehl Ashlee Chicago IL US
10 Casha Salena Andover MA US
10 Cooper Jan Canyon Country CA US
10 Deutsch Annika Boise ID US
10 Doyle Kirsten Scarborough ON CA
10 Fengler Jenny Colorado Springs CO US
10 Granett Brandi Stockton NJ US
10 Green Andrew Baltimore MD US
10 Hagenson Melinda Eau Claire WI US
10 Holyoak Shauna Idaho Falls ID US
10 Lamb Dion Rehoboth Beach DE US
10 Lane Beittel Rebecca Aberdeen NC US
10 Meredith Juliet Grants Pass OR US
10 Milligan Rebecca London London GB
10 Piche Serna Kerrin Fullerton CA US
10 Raftery Dawn Alsip IL US
10 Richardson Rachel Spartanburg SC US
10 Ringo Heather Deer Park TX US
10 Sagendorph Melissa Chelsea MA US
10 Smith Jami Vass NC US
10 Stevens Nim Phoenix AZ US
10 Sutton Chelsea Studio City CA US
10 Wolff Brett Sierra Madre CA US
10 wood rebecca Ashland OR US
10 Wright Julie Boise ID US






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