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Romantic Comedy
An open marriage
A sculptor



If your story is listed below in the top 4, congratulations on advancing to the 3rd and final round kicking off at 11:59PM EDT this Friday, April 29th!  Regardless of how you placed, everyone should be proud of making it to the 2nd Round from an original field of over 2,000 writers and rising to each challenge along the way.  Best of luck to the finalists this weekend and thank you again to everyone for participating! 


#1 'Boink' by Maria Reeves SYNOPSIS - After her marriage fails, Petra is forced to return home to live with her parents in Alaska. She may have married a loser the first time, but she finds she’s no loser in love.

#2 'Perchance to Dream' by Cindy Cook DeRuyter SYNOPSIS - Clumsy Chrissy is having a hard time thinking about anything besides Jack, the hunk from the coffee shop. When she joins her septuagenarian parents for marriage counseling, both she and her parents’ therapist are in for a surprise.

#3 'Open Secrets' by Susana Santos Martins SYNOPSIS - When Jessica takes her new boyfriend home, she’s determined to keep her parents’ open marriage a secret. But getting everyone’s secrets out in the open turns out to be for the best.

#4 'Open For Options' by Brad Reid SYNOPSIS - A story of hockey, love, advertising and meddling family members.

#Honorable Mention 'A Model Marriage' by Lauren O'Halleron SYNOPSIS - Jenna and David are experimenting with an open marriage, however, Jenna’s choice of date is not what David is expecting.

#Honorable Mention 'Bird in the hand?' by Andrew Moore SYNOPSIS - A lonely, middle aged housewife struggles with her role in the destiny of a much younger man.

#Honorable Mention 'Le Paradoxe of Jasper Stone' by Rachel Boyer SYNOPSIS - Living a simple ex-patriot life in Paris, sculptor Jasper Stone’s world is flipped upside down when his wife suggests an open marriage after thirty-five years of matrimony. Only after his beautiful, French muse propositions him, does he agree to the idea.

#Honorable Mention 'Neo-Contrapuntal Dysfunctionalism' by JA Robertson SYNOPSIS - Something unspeakable has happened at Marcus Faberge's studio and he's determined to find out who's to blame. But finding out may cost more than he's prepared to pay.



2nd Round Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
4 Alpert Isaac Yuen Long NT HK
4 Bean Anne Seattle WA US
4 Boller Deborah Oakland CA US
4 Bowman Rob Palm Desert CA US
4 Boyer Rachel Toms Brook VA US
4 Cook DeRuyter Cindy Oakdale MN US
4 Coulombe Candace Leigh Sacramento CA US
4 Craw Rebekkah West Didsbury Greater Manchester GB
4 Davis Tara Jefferson MA US
4 DeVries Stephanie Vernon NY US
4 Foxx Lillith North Vancouver BC CA
4 Grieve Julia Princes Risborough Buckinghamshire GB
4 MacRae Andrew Sunnyvale CA US
4 Martins Susana New York NY US
4 Maynard Misty Kechi KS US
4 Mendelsohn Jacob Brooklyn NY US
4 Moore Andrew Vancouver BC CA
4 Muehlhausen shanon silver city NM US
4 Mueller Tammy Bolingbrook IL US
4 O'Halleron Lauren Tallaght Dublin IE
4 Reeves Maria El Paso TX US
4 Reid Brad Brooklyn NY US
4 Robertson JA London London GB
4 Shore Rebecca Derby Derbyshire GB
4 Starling Nina South Brisbane QLD AU
4 Weldon Michael Littleton CO US
4 Yunits Conor Whitman MA US
4 Zaitseva Svetlana Centereach NY US
4 Zesky Nadine Kirkville NY US





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