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An assassination
A driving instructor



If your story is listed below in the top 4, congratulations on advancing to the 3rd and final round kicking off at 11:59PM EDT this Friday, April 29th!  Regardless of how you placed, everyone should be proud of making it to the 2nd Round from an original field of over 2,000 writers and rising to each challenge along the way.  Best of luck to the finalists this weekend and thank you again to everyone for participating! 


#1 'Early Termination' by Mary Squillace SYNOPSIS - A wife has to come to terms with her husband's decision to end his life.

#2 'Look Both Ways' by Olivia Rizzo SYNOPSIS - A time traveler signs up for a driving lesson with his would-be target and finds there is more to learn than just the rules of the road.

#3 'The Driving Lesson' by Jamie Brindle SYNOPSIS - When the CEO of the biggest health tech company in the world starts receiving death-threats, he turns to expensive body modification to protect himself. But who is behind the threats, and does he deserve them?

#4 'Shakespeare, Where Art Thou?' by Paulene Turner SYNOPSIS - She frittered away all her study time on Spacebook. Now Juliet realises, the only way she'll pass her English exam, is to come up with a Shakespearean plot of her own.

#Honorable Mention 'Cold Feet' by Jonathan O'Brien SYNOPSIS - In a last-ditch effort to rekindle his life and lost love, one man agrees to carry out a hit on a well-known member of society’s upper echelons. But after getting distracted at the bar on the night of the hit, a rushed and peculiar carjacking kicks things off in unexpected directions.

#Honorable Mention 'Desert Dogs' by Natalie Romine SYNOPSIS - In an apocalyptic wasteland, the empty desert and toxic city ruins between standing civilizations offer one woman a unique opportunity to take what does not belong to her.

#Honorable Mention 'Faultless' by Christian Nguyen SYNOPSIS - After losing his job to automated, driverless cars, an elderly driving instructor bonds with his skittish neighbor when asked to teach once more.

#Honorable Mention 'The Ballad of Q-9' by Jacob Hoskinson SYNOPSIS - A household Android is tasked with teaching his Master's daughter to drive, a simple job in a world with self-guided cars, but an unexpected radio broadcast may unleash very real dangers.




2nd Round Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
8 Bernstein Carley Albuquerque NM US
8 BLOSS Donna Toulon   FR
8 Brindle Jamie Rugby Warwickshire GB
8 Dick Lindsay Bozeman MT US
8 Gilchrist Rob Bentonville AR US
8 Gray Rozlyn Chicago IL US
8 Hanna Wendy Sydney NSW AU
8 Hoskinson Jacob Rancho Santa Margarita CA US
8 Keller Jr William Malvern PA US
8 Malcom Christine Chicago IL US
8 McClain Dave Katy TX US
8 Ng Timothy Brooklyn NY US
8 Nguyen Christian Columbus OH US
8 O'Brien Jonathan Graceville QLD AU
8 Paedae Samantha Gainesville FL US
8 Pendleton Gail Montague NJ US
8 Reed L. Rose Highlands Ranch CO US
8 Rizzo Olivia Wellesley MA US
8 Romine Natalie Mesa AZ US
8 Schwandt Elizabeth Los Angeles CA US
8 Squillace Mary Santa Monica CA US
8 Stone Marrie Laguna Beach CA US
8 Turner Paulene Greenwich NSW AU
8 Vanalstine Megan Edmonton AB CA
8 Vlasto Kristin Coffs Harbour NSW AU
8 Williams Robert Bromley Kent GB
8 Wolf Jamieson Ottawa ON CA
8 Zeigler Molly Buffalo NY US
8 Zuckerman Andrew Los Angeles CA US




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