From an original field of 2,100 writers around the world and after three intense challenges, 48 finalists were challenged to create short stories (1,000 words max.) in just 48 hours based on the following assignment:


Genre: Open

Location: A trading floor

Object: A scrapbook


The top stories overall are listed below.  Congratulations to the winners, to all the finalists for making it so far, and to everyone that participated for creating so many amazing stories this year!


#1 - ''Futures'' by Mary Squillace SYNOPSIS - "The empires of the future are empires of the mind." -- Winston Churchill

#2 - ''Futures Exchange'' by Michael Cursio SYNOPSIS - Ximin comes to know her own mind in units per second.

#3 - ''The Midnight Palace'' by Jenny Williams SYNOPSIS - An elderly janitor in the Palazzo Mezzanote, home of the Italian stock exchange, instructs a new apprentice on the care and keeping of a marble floor with a very personal history.

#4 - ''To Stick a Star'' by Kelli Fitzpatrick SYNOPSIS - A child whose spaceship crashed documents her crew's efforts to survive. When things become dire, she draws on her resourcefulness in a bold ploy for help.

#5 - ''Ghost Nines'' by Fred Senese SYNOPSIS - Futures are traded in the pits of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and the present is bought and sold in New York. The past is traded only after midnight, on the floor of the Cotton Markethouse in Savannah, Georgia.

#6 - ''Snow Was Falling'' by Eric Forster SYNOPSIS - Gifts can be expensive, even when they don't cost money.

#7 - ''The Little Bird'' by Elizabeth Schwandt SYNOPSIS - Gus, adrift and alone after his father's death, decides to kill some time on the family ranch. Ranch life is not a great match for the young photojournalist, but his first trip to a cattle trade shows him another side of his uncle.

#8 - ''Amor Maternus'' by Claire Arnett SYNOPSIS - When a slave is parted from her greatest treasure, she must find the will to defy her masters, and break their dominance over the wealth of the Allied Planets.

#9 - ''The Entomologist's Trophies'' by Sandra Skelton SYNOPSIS - A bug collector hunts the most dangerous game.

#10 - ''Invisible Hands'' by Daniel Halem SYNOPSIS - The woman who sweeps the floors of the Los Angeles stock exchange is secretly an archaeologist.

#Honorable Mention - ''Even the Devil'' by Marrie Stone SYNOPSIS - Parting with precious family heirlooms is difficult. But what if they were never yours?

#Honorable Mention - ''Trading Futures'' by Jody M Keene SYNOPSIS - An after-hours date to the trading floor takes an unexpected turn.

#Honorable Mention - ''A Hero at the End of the Day'' by Beth Greenberg SYNOPSIS - It's not every day Captain America rings the closing bell at the NYSE. For one father and son, the superhero's appearance offers the chance of a lifetime.

#Honorable Mention - ''Quid Pro Quo'' by Claudia Wair SYNOPSIS - A simple transaction; one favor for another. A woman agrees to a risky trade that she hopes will prove mutually beneficial.

#Honorable Mention - ''Mod Cons'' by Lisa Jade SYNOPSIS - Modular Implants allow us to know and remember more than ever before. But remembering every detail often just causes more pain.


#Honorable Mention - ''Ninety-Nine Orphans'' by Colin Cortie SYNOPSIS - Those who trade lives as commodities seldom stop to consider their own worth. What will James do when his own life, humdrum and dreary, is placed on his desk?

#Honorable Mention - ''The Criminals'' by Rebecca Ashcraft SYNOPSIS - Does it really matter whether a crime is large or small? An immigrant who struggles to make her own way in a foreign land discovers this truth about crime: it cannot be undone.

#Honorable Mention - ''Anthropodermic Bibliopegy'' by Jasmine Lane SYNOPSIS - In an inhuman society, historians sacrifice their bodies and lives to reach subjective truth. But new arrival T'rriklta has doubts -- is someone like her really worthy of the Library?

#Honorable Mention - ''Blood Money'' by Beverly Reynolds SYNOPSIS - A senior broker is forced to work the trading floor after his coworker's mysterious absence.

#Honorable Mention - ''The Wolf Spice'' by Elaine Lies SYNOPSIS - Every family has a lost treasure. For Mara's, famed for generation upon generation of cooks, it is the Wolf Spice, known for its legendary powers and desperately needed now.


The Flash Fiction Challenge is a competition that challenges writers around the world to create short stories (1,000 words max.) based on genre, location, and object assignments. Each writer will participate in at least 2 writing challenges and as many as 4 depending on how well they place in each challenge.  When the competition begins, writers are placed in groups where they will be judged against other writers within their same group.  Each group receives its own unique genre, location, and object assignments (see past examples here).  After 2 challenges, the top 5 writers that score the highest advance to the next challenge.  In Challenge #3, writers are placed in new groups and given a new genre, location, and object assignment.  The top 4 writers from each of the groups in Challenge #3 advance to the fourth and final challenge of the competition where they are given the final genre, location, and object assignment and compete for thousands in cash and prizes.  Sound like fun?  Join the competition below or click here for a more detailed description of how the competition works.  Good luck!


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The maximum number of participants has been reached and registration is now closed.  There will be more exciting competitions coming soon, so make sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on facebook and twitter so you know when the next challenge is open for registration.  Best of luck to the writers participating, the link to the assignments will be posted here at 11:59PM EDT on Friday, July 22nd!


Official Rules and Participation Agreement



  Early Entry Deadline: June 16, 2016
  Final Entry Deadline: July 21, 2016
  Challenge #1: July 22-24, 2016
  Challenge #2: September 16-18, 2016
Challenge #3: November 4-6, 2016
Challenge #4: December 9-11, 2016



Not only does every writer receive feedback from the judges for every story that is submitted, but a special review forum is available for the participants to submit their stories for review from fellow writers throughout the competition.  During the last Flash Fiction Challenge, there were nearly 10,000 comments made on the 650+ stories shared on the forum.  Click here to visit the forums.



Dawn F.
Indianapolis, USA
“That was exciting! Nothing like a tight deadline to get the creative juices flowing.”
Fiona Y.
San Diego, USA
“What an exciting opportunity. When you've got such a tight box to fit your story into, you become exquisitely aware of each word. Great fun.”
Katie P.
Pittsburgh, USA
“I feel like I just finished a marathon! What a rush!” 
Mary-Ellen Q.
Sydney, Australia
“Yay! I just submitted my NYC Flash Fiction entry for Round 1! I had an enormous amount of fun writing it. Best of luck to everyone in the competition.”
Ted B.
Santa Rosa, CA
“Yikes. 1,000 words comes up quick. So does 48 hours. Definitely reached a point where I knew I had to leave out so much that I had envisioned. Once I finished writing the ending I was able to go back and cut some dead weight so that I could slip in some explanatory details. Then I had to cut some more to get back to 1,000 words. On the nose. Submitted with maybe a minute or two to spare. What a rush!”
Catherine B.
Woodland, USA
“First draft 1482 words! Yikes! 5 drafts later, 984 words! Hurray! My first horror story.”








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