From an original field of over 2,500 writers and after three intense challenges, 64 finalists were challenged to create an original 1,000 word story using the final assignment of the competition as shown below.


Genre: Open

Location: An office holiday party

Object: An UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)


The top writers of the fourth and final challenge are listed below!  Congratulations to the winners and everyone that participated this year for rising to the challenges and creating so many amazing stories!


#1 - ''177 Seconds'' by Trey Dowell SYNOPSIS - At Cognos Laboratories’ annual holiday party, lead researcher Dr. Suresh is about to discover just how meaningful three minutes can be.

#2 - ''To Taste'' by Sophie Dutton SYNOPSIS - A chocolatier’s apprentice bites off more than he can chew at the company Christmas party…

#3 - ''No Hours are Ever Promised'' by Mollie Doerner SYNOPSIS - The world celebrates after a group of dedicated scientists succeed in diverting a deadly comet. But one astronomer is torn between hope and doubt.

#4 - ''The Light of Lumenmas'' by Claire Arnett SYNOPSIS - A midwife’s unexpected discovery sparks a crisis of faith on the holiest day of the year.

#5 - ''The Absent God'' by Trond Hildahl SYNOPSIS - Ch’Nask has not been seen for years. With the annual Festival looming, what is a faithful acolyte to do?

#6 - ''Sapputiwok'' by Natalie Grant SYNOPSIS - Santa’s not the only one flying over us with a generous heart.

#7 - ''Midnight is the Solemn Hour'' by S. Bullard SYNOPSIS - In a dystopian world, a group of dissidents comes together to keep hope alive through the tradition of a Christmas gathering.

#8 - ''And Glory Shone Around'' by Henrietta Rose Innes SYNOPSIS - Chris’s job at DroneZone Inc is crushing him, body and soul. But that’s until the Christmas angel arrives to rescue him.

#9 - ''Talk About a Revolution'' by Joanne Farrall SYNOPSIS - Two women attend very different office Christmas parties, one on a luxury automated airship and one in a war zone, yet their fates are intimately tied. What will come of their wishes for change?

#10 - ''Good Heavens'' by Michael Tippett SYNOPSIS - A celestial Christmas party takes a turn when disgruntled employee Lucifer gets drunk and tells his boss where to go.

#HM - ''Step By Step'' by Mel Nicholson SYNOPSIS - A recently retired officer tries to build a civilian life, but his military experience isn’t ready to let him move on.

#HM - ''Halfway through dessert, reality flickers'' by Susanne Vejdemo SYNOPSIS - Parallel societies share the same physical space, but their lived experiences are a universe apart. Two furtive figures – terrorists or freedom fighters - slip through the cracks on a mission that will change reality itself.

#HM - ''Just Stay Close'' by Timothy Bellows SYNOPSIS - A woman and her companion give a speech at the office Christmas party.

#HM - ''Requiem'' by Patsy Pratt-Herzog SYNOPSIS - Michael and Elizabeth want a child, but in a world where privileges are a matter of points, what you want isn’t always what you get.

#HM - ''Flying Solo'' by Jeanna Stay SYNOPSIS - Painful memories of a past relationship plague Celia at the annual office party.

#HM - ''My Party at the End of the World'' by Maria Reeves SYNOPSIS - For every human being who looks up at the moon in the nights to come will know that there is some corner of another world that is forever mankind. —In Event of Moon Disaster, William Safire

#HM - ''The Key'' by Michael Cohen SYNOPSIS - A corporate Christmas party in Cancun sparks a life-changing revelation.

#HM - ''The Nog Job'' by David Jones SYNOPSIS - Marcus Wheeler and his friends are in a race against time and his parents in a heist to steal the world’s greatest eggnog.

#HM - ''What Happens to Canaries in Calumet'' by Casey Bartley SYNOPSIS - In 1913, a girl and her father attends a Christmas Party for the striking miners of Calumet, Michigan. Unbeknownst to them, an anti-union mob plans to crash the party and create one of Michigan’s worst tragedies.

#HM - ''It Doesn't Matter What Star It Is'' by Tom Martin SYNOPSIS - A bitter veteran is unable to join his coworkers at the office holiday party because of his disability. When his last confidant abandons him, he begins to look for a way to bring it all down.



The Flash Fiction Challenge 2017 is underway!  Click on the links below to view the participating writers, assignments, and results:


Challenge #1: Assignments / Results

Challenge #2: Assignments / Results

Challenge #3: Assignments / Results


The Flash Fiction Challenge is a competition that challenges writers around the world to create short stories (1,000 words max.) based on genre, location, and object assignments. Each writer will participate in at least 2 writing challenges and as many as 4 depending on how well they place in each challenge.  When the competition begins, writers are placed in groups where they will be judged against other writers within their same group.  Each group receives its own unique genre, location, and object assignments (see past examples here).  After 2 challenges, the top 5 writers that score the highest advance to the next challenge.  In Challenge #3, writers are placed in new groups and given a new genre, location, and object assignment.  The top 4 writers from each of the groups in Challenge #3 advance to the fourth and final challenge of the competition where they are given the final genre, location, and object assignment and compete for thousands in cash and prizes.  Sound like fun?  Join the competition below or click here for a more detailed description of how the competition works.  Good luck writers!


Registration is now closed.  Make sure to join our mailing list so you are the first to know about our next competition announcement.  Good luck to all the participants!


 Official Rules and Participation Agreement



  Final Entry Deadline: 9PM EST on July 14, 2017
  Challenge #1: July 14-16, 2017
  Challenge #2: September 15-17, 2017
Challenge #3: November 10-12, 2017
Challenge #4: December 15-17, 2017



Not only does every writer receive feedback from the judges for every story that is submitted, but a special review forum is available for the participants to submit their stories for review from fellow writers throughout the competition.  During the last Flash Fiction Challenge, there were nearly 14,000 comments made on the 850+ stories shared on the forum.  Click here to visit the forums.



Dawn F.
Indianapolis, USA
“That was exciting! Nothing like a tight deadline to get the creative juices flowing.”
Fiona Y.
San Diego, USA
“What an exciting opportunity. When you've got such a tight box to fit your story into, you become exquisitely aware of each word. Great fun.”
Katie P.
Pittsburgh, USA
“I feel like I just finished a marathon! What a rush!” 
Mary-Ellen Q.
Sydney, Australia
“Yay! I just submitted my NYC Flash Fiction entry for Round 1! I had an enormous amount of fun writing it. Best of luck to everyone in the competition.”
Ted B.
Santa Rosa, CA
“Yikes. 1,000 words comes up quick. So does 48 hours. Definitely reached a point where I knew I had to leave out so much that I had envisioned. Once I finished writing the ending I was able to go back and cut some dead weight so that I could slip in some explanatory details. Then I had to cut some more to get back to 1,000 words. On the nose. Submitted with maybe a minute or two to spare. What a rush!”
Catherine B.
Woodland, USA
“First draft 1482 words! Yikes! 5 drafts later, 984 words! Hurray! My first horror story.”










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