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2010 Competition, Final Round


Killing her had proven pointless. There, lurking below its cage of flesh and bone, the damn thing still beat for her; this beast, his heart. CREATED BY amanda sullivan

 (1st Place Audience Choice, 2010)


Even though the pond was frozen solid, Zack still saw the cracks in the ice and the face of his sister below the surface. CREATED BY George Kulz  (1st Place Judges' Choice, 2010)


The bus departs for Portland, snow falling hard, temperature six degrees below zero. Last paycheck cashed and pen in hand. Goodbye, regret. CREATED BY Emily Smith  (Top 5 Judges' Choice, 2010)


Madam, hush. In this town, ladies wear skirts below the knee and sweeten their tea with valium so no one has to listen to such screaming. CREATED BY Amber McDonald  (Top 5 Judges' Choice, 2010)


"You looked below the sink?" "Yep" "On top of the cabinets?" "Sure did" "In the basement?" "hmm mm" "Then I have no idea where the baby is."  CREATED BY Rebecca Brogan  (Top 5 Judges' Choice, 2010)


Below a tattered sign that reads: FORECLOSED, Buddy still wags his tail, forever loyal to a master who’s never coming home.  CREATED BY Brian Rish   (Top 5 Judges' Choice, 2010)

Even now he submerges his head below bathwater, smothering his mothers vociferations, envisions a hero surfacing- instead of him.  CREATED BY James Aaron Tecumseh Sinclair   (Top 5 Judges' Choice, 2010)



2009 Competition, Final Round Audience Picks


"Aren't you skydiving?" "Yup." "You're calling from midair? That's sweet!" "I love you..." he said, watching the tear in the fabric spread.  CREATED BY Chris Bridges (1st Place Audience Choice, 2009)


The air was bitter cold. A frozen tear fell from my cheek, crushing a small school. I thought to myself, "Keep it together, Godzilla." CREATED BY Brian Joines  (2nd Place Audience Choice, 2009)


About at the instruction to "tear up your CANDY wrappers and BURY them!" I began to suspect that this was a pretty sub-par ninja academy. CREATED BY David Malki !   (3rd Place Audience Choice, 2009)


She shed a tear. Licked its saltiness. Then looked in the mirror. Then she Googled "calories in one salty tear." CREATED BY Frank Ferri   (4th Place Audience Choice, 2009)


Loyal to the end, Spot realized what was about to happen. A tear formed in his eye just in time to reflect the shovel flying towards him. CREATED BY Dalton Paper   (5th Place Audience Choice, 2009)



2009 Competition, Final Round Judges' Picks


The old man scoffed and told me to tear up my “stupid” time travel machine plans, so I did. Too bad I didn’t recognize the old man as me. CREATED BY Brent Vaughn (1st Place Judges, 2009)


"I want to like you, but I don't," she said, a tear streaking her makeup. He removed her arms, placed them in the box, and mailed her back. CREATED BY Motke Dapp  (Top 10 Judges, 2009)


"We're the only 2 humans left!" she wailed. "You could at least shed a tear!" But he simply blinked. One whirring, clicking, terrible blink. CREATED BY Katherine Boboris  (Top 10 Judges, 2009)


5 years after the halted divorce, Peter watches his son tear into his birthday presents. It scares him how much he still wants out. CREATED BY Vanelis Rodriguez  (Top 10 Judges, 2009)


A lone VHS tape sat on a shelf, neglected and dusty. It looked at the DVDs, then decided to tear its own magnetic tape out and end it all. CREATED BY Frank Ferri  (Top 10 Judges, 2009)


His trowel draws her face in the mortar. A tear on the tile. Mosaics geometric, arabesque & floral hide 1,000 loving portraits in his city. CREATED BY Candace Coulombe  (Top 10 Judges, 2009)


I should tear it up, she thinks. Too late. Enters jealous husband. Sees photo. Dead woman. Dead lover. Dead husband. Messy. CREATED BY Mee Vang  (Top 10 Judges, 2009)


My tear falls into the ocean, becomes one with infinity. I dream it finds my love where she rests, that part of me might touch her again. CREATED BY John Dowgin  (Top 10 Judges, 2009)


When finally she died, he allowed himself one tear.  It grew from there, not stopping ‘til he drowned.  CREATED BY Nadim Dimechkie  (Top 10 Judges, 2009)





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